Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The idea for Snowfall was conceived one winter night, but it was only much later, the morning of the first winters snow, that it became a story. When I shared it with people, I was surprised at how well received it was. However, like one comment said, it reminds us that the things we take for granted are miracles in themselves.

Taleia woke and froze for a moment, unsure of what had awoken her. There was a moment of silence and then - just as she was about to roll over and go back to sleep - there came a volley of shouts, followed by someone hollering, and a hysterical scream.She was out of bed in a flash, groping wildly for her Jedi robe and lightsaber in the darkness, fumbling as she tripped over her boots in the quest. Finally finding the object of her search hanging on the opposite wall, she threw it over her shoulders, igniting her lightsaber, and stepped cautiously into the hall.The bright neo-florescent lights that hung from the ceiling assaulted her eyes immediately; she stifled a yawn as she took the stairs, turning her lightsaber off in the meantime.

The lobby was deserted when she checked; unusual for a Sunday morning, but not unheard of. As she stood hesitantly there was another round of shrieks, followed by a clatter off to her left, and she turned - still groggy from her rude awakening - and tripped into the kitchen.

Luke was in the process of retrieving the pan that had dropped from his hand onto the tile floor when she entered.

"Morning, 'Leia," he greeted, smiling. "Did they wake you up? Corin was trying to keep it down when I came in."

"Corin's out there?"

Taleia moved in alarm towards the huge glass doors at the end of the kitchen… and stopped in surprise.

"The X-wing squad got off this morning and they've been out there ever since," Luke replied, not noticing her awe. "Corin's the ringleader."

He glanced up, and a knowing look entered his face. ”It's snow."

Taleia was moving, as if in a trance, towards the transparent doors. The world was white; as perfect as the day it had been created. Everything had been washed clean in a celestial blanket and lulled to sleep on Mother Nature’s lullaby. The reddish roof of the DOAD was ever more vibrant against the pure white of it's expansive lawn. The landing pads were buried.

She opened the door and bent to retrieve a handful of the white stuff that had been kicked against the steps (the only thing which had, so far, been shoveled). It was freezing cold and burned her fingers, which were rapidly turning red and numb. She could feel the tiny pressure as it melted in her palm, and suddenly she wanted nothing more than to keep it forever, this tiny bit of frozen water, that if she could, everything in the world would suddenly be alright.

Out of the blue a sphere came hurtling at her; instinctively she ducked, and it hit the side of the building with a puff and exploded on top of her, sending her toppling into the snow. Then suddenly Corin was beside her, brushing her off and helping her to her feet."No fair!" he called to the other snowball throwers that lingered behind hastily erected snow blocks. "She isn't even wearing gloves!"

Taleia slipped on the icy pavement and clung to him, laughing.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Corin asked her, grinning as he helped her to her feet a second time. "I've waited fifteen years for this."

"Fifteen years?" He slipped her a pair of gloves and she put them over her numb fingers with relish. "Thanks," she added.

Corin explained. "Every fifteen years, because of the rotation of the other four moons between Yavin, we get a bitter winter. It kills off a bunch of the wildlife; I guess you Jedi could say Nature was cleansing herself. I was five when my dad taught me how to throw a snowball. Haven't seen the stuff since."

"I've never." Taleia spoke without much sense of loss; she wasn't sorry. Corin knelt beside her and gathered up a handful of the white stuff, packing it expertly, and handed it to her. "Len's the one who got you," he whispered. "Get him now while his back is turned."

Taleia accepted it with relish and gave it her hardest throw. She'd never thrown a snowball before; but her aim was true.

Len sprawled in the snow, belly first, before rising with indignation. "My back was turned."

She laughed, and Len turned on her with zeal. "Guess Corin's a good teacher," he commented, making a show of patting another ball together. "He's met his match this time."

He threw it, and Taleia ducked easily; it sailed over her head and hit Corin in the face.

"Corin, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, her gloved hand rising to smother a laugh.Corin wiped snow from his face and growled, "It was a fair throw. So is this."

He charged at Len with fire in his eyes, Taleia hot on his heels.

Monday, January 1, 2007