Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Of All The Things I've Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most

I don't know if it's the stress of lately, "triplet brain" (our term for what happens when you're so overloaded with the details of baby care times three that all other parts of your brain shut down), or what, but the list of things I've lost over the past few days is becoming epic.

For starters, I seem to have lost my purse. I've lost my wallet before, mind you, but I've never lost an entire purse. Luckily it's no biggie as I had my wallet and camera with me, and so the purse was basically just an oversized Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and makeup carrier, AND it was an older purse that was falling apart and I was about to throw away anyway, but still.

Then today I've misplaced my keys. I always chuck them up on the dashboard when I park at my house, and if for some reason I do carry them inside with me, I ALWAYS leave them on the kitchen table,  but this morning they were neither place. Grr! I'm using my spare key to the truck, but it makes me nervous because if I misplace this key, I'm toast. O.o Hoping my family will find that I left my keys at their house last night when I came to visit.

Also inconvenient - I broke the door to my trailer last week, so if you open the doorhandle all the way, or even 2/3 of the way, it snaps open (without actually opening the door) and, short of climbing out the emergency exit window or takings the door apart with a screwdriver, your only way out is to call someone to open it from the outside. Eventually I'll take it apart and fix whatever catch has obviously become uncaught, but right now I don't gave the time, and it's not a job I'm eager to do in freezing temperatures, since the door will have to be open for awhile. I've pretty much mastered the trick of opening it just to the point of the catch and no more,  but I'm always afraid I'll accidently get stuck in the early morning and have to call the house to have someone unstick me so I can go to work. Since nobody in my family is a morning person, the wrath I'd face would be great indeed. 8(

That's pretty much all the news from my end lately. I leave you with some snapshots of the other 99% of my life:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Things I Love

1) Curious faces

2) Brave adventurers

3) New perspectives

4) Tiny toes

5) Ruffly bottoms

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Four On A Friday

1) The air has that feel this week
... you know? That quiet energy that sits just under the surface of everything, that says "Get ready... it might not be spring just yet, but it's coming. Get ready." My wanderlust is starting to make itself known, and I'm toying with the idea of a solo road trip, just myself and some music and a long, long road.

2) Speaking of spring... I made my dad help me "steal" a pallet from the woods so I can make a vertical garden. I can't wait
I want green, I want growing things, I want to coax baby veggies into delicious maturity.

3) I've begun sort-of-not-really-but-kinda looking at sailboats. I want one - something big enough to overnight on once I've learned to sail, but small enough to handle on my own. And my blogroll is slowly filling up with sailing blogs. Looks like I know what my next.adventure will be!

4) I'm writing this on my smartphone while waiting in the van with the girls for their grandma to pick go their new nebulizer. They're both feeling a lot better - thank God! - and I'm hoping we've passed the worst of it. I'm also hoping to get a day (or at least a morning!) off pretty soon so I can attack some of these chores and errands that are piling up. We'll see...

Bucket List Update

I've always been pretty quick to say that my bucket lists are just a guideline, a framework, a reminder that every day is a gift and is special and should be celebrated. A lot of the things on my bucket list are really just everyday tasks and events, but somehow putting them on a list makes them special.

That said... of the twenty-five things on my bucket list, I've managed to accomplish just seven in the past two months. I think that's some sort of record low (lol).

That said, I thought I'd make the bucket list that would have been if I could have seen into the future. :) It would look something like this:

1. Spend most of January unfreezing my pipes, huddling under my electric blanket, and looking at campgrounds in Florida
2. Become a Doctor Who nut and spend most of my spare time watching the six seasons of the reboot
3. Go ice skating with some of the coolest people around :)
4. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Crisy
5. Throw food in public (see #4)
6. Become a part-time nanny to triplets
7. Get the stomach flu
8. Become a full-time nanny to triplets
9. Survive three days of chaos with said triplets
10. Make a lot of money and be too tired to spend any of it :)

I thought about trying to work in some time to finish off things on my original bucket list, but the truth is that my schedule is looking insane for about the next five weeks (while the trips mom recuperates) and since it's finally warming up (!!! So excited) I'm more inclined to write this winter off as a crazy one and wait for my spring bucket list.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Flowers

This week I desperately wanted flowers. And not just flowers, but to have someone bring me flowers. Not in a romantic sense, just to be reminded that I was loved and thought of and not alone. This is what flowers say. They say that the bringer blew money on something that has no meaningful practical value, just to bring you joy. Because when you love someone, their joy is your joy.

I'm wise enough to realize that I feel this way because I've spent most of my time this week giving of myself, physically and emotionally, to needy small ones who aren't as yet capable of giving much back in the way of affection. Plus, it's February, the very lowest point of my seasonal struggle with depression, and I'm so very, very tired. My brain realizes this. My heart wants to be nurtured. If I had more time, I'd call a friend for lunch... schedule a coffee date... call my BFF for some girl talk... but I don't.

I don't talk about being single a lot, because I'm afraid that if I share my journey in bits and pieces, I will be pigeonholed squarely into one of two categories - either as a "strong woman" who "doesn't need a man to complete her" or the "spiritually submissive" woman who says she submits to God's will for her life, but spends most of it begging Him for what she wants.

I think I've found a good balance between choosing joy in where God has me, and an honest recognition of my desires for husband and kids, and the natural sadness when I think about never getting to experience those things, and the constant offering it up to God. Those dreams and hopes have become my offering, my "sweet savour," the thing I bring again and again to the altar and give up to God, because it is precious but He is more precious and because I truly believe that every time I do, I trade the ashes for something infinitely more precious. And since coming to that realization, God has been teaching me about what "alone" means, and how different "alone" is from "single."

This may end up being the only love story in my life, and if it is, I die happy. What could be greater than to be the heroine in the tale where Love Himself rescues her from abject despair, provides for her every need, showers blessing into her life, and ultimately draws her to Himself?

But back to flowers...

I was tired last night in the grocery store. Tired, and a little frayed around the edges, and trying to put a brave face on it. And I wanted flowers, even more so when I walked in and was confronted with bouquet upon bouquet, each more beautiful than the last, each fragrant and lovely and exquisite. And I felt an old bitterness rise up, because I wanted flowers. And it seemed reckless to buy them myself, when the future is uncertain and money often tight and all.

And then (as so often happens of late), I heard the whisper.

"I've got this. I made the flowers, every flower of the earth, for you. They're yours. And if that isn't enough, I've given you the skills and brought you the right job so that you can buy the flowers and bring them home and remember: you are Mine."

I bought the flowers - a bunch of dandelions, yellow and pristine and heralding the hope of spring, and the pink carnations whose color seemed to infuse everything around it with a rosy glow - and I brought them home.

",,,His banner over me [is] love." (Song of Solomon 2:4)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Um... Yeah.

It's Wednesday, y'all. And I've already worked over fifty hours between my three jobs. Most of those were spent with the triplets... This is how it happened (via Facebook status updates):

Saturday at 7 PM: "I was supposed to have the next two weeks off from triplet duty since their mama is going in for surgery on Monday and they'd hired full-time help for the recovery period. Then their help cancelled... so now I'm on full-time-plus-some duty for the next couple of weeks, starting with a 33-hour shift beginning tomorrow. And of course, the trips are sick and uber cranky. The money will be awesome, but my life is about to get CRAZY! Off to buy groceries, do laundry, and stock up on rat food before everything dissolves into cacophany..."

Sunday at 5 PM: "Phew! So much snot. Such high fevers. So many tears. Poor babies."
Sunday at 10 PM: "Prayers for triplet #2 would be greatly appreciated; she's on her way to the emergency room with grandma and a 104 degree fever (and prayers for me, cuz I'm on my own here with sick trips #1 & #3 and their fussy big brother. It would be amazing if we could make it through the night without everyone crying at once.)"

Monday at 2 PM: "Everyone is surprisingly happy for having been up all night; I "woke up" (what's the word for when you abandon all hope of getting any sleep and decide to start the day?) feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I got to nap a bit with the triplets, which was completely amazing. Everyone is down for their second nap now, and it's grandma's turn to snooze. Twenty-four hours down, twenty-four to go!"

Tuesday at 10:30 AM: "Big brother is at daycare... two sick little girls are on their way to the doctors with their grandma... one not as sick but extremely grouchy little man has just fallen asleep on my lap... and I'm going to go have a good cry before anyone gets home because I. Am. So. Tired. Not upset or sad or anything else, just absolutely bone weary. A good cry and I'll be back on my A-game and ready to continue comforting sick babies. (If anyone says anything along the lines of "Wait till you're a mom," I swear I will kill you. >8("

The girls ended up spending most of the day in the hospital with IV's full of fluids, steroids, and antibiotics after being diagnosed with pneumonia, RSV and ear infections. :( Mom and dad made it back home that night, and I got to go home and sleep in my own bed which was too amazing for words. I worked only seven hours today in between Abigail and swim, and tomorrow I have Abigail all day. Which sort of feels like getting a day off, to be honest. :) We'll have fun and I'll go to bed early because on Friday, back I go to the triplets!

For everyone who's wondering if I'm ready to turn in my nanny badge and call it quits... No. :) It's definitely baptism by fire, and I'd be lying if I said there weren't some moments in the last couple of days when I wanted to call it quits and go home, but overall I'd say it's working out well. I'm bonding with the babies and learning their personalities and comforts, and I'm getting along well with mom, dad, and grandma (who I've spent most of the last three days with, go figure lol).

I'm hoping to get back into something resembling a more normal schedule next week, so hopefully blogging with come back into play. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day In My Life

A lot of people have been asking what my new "normal" looks like, with three part-time jobs and all. (Sometimes I ask myself what normal is, too. Usually I don't answer myself lol.) The truth is, normal is still kind of elusive - what I do one day doesn't always look like what I'm doing the next - but here's how I spent one pretty typical day recently! :)
5:55 AM
My alarm goes off, and I hit snooze way too many times. I'm surprised I'm this tired, since I went to bed old-lady-early last night, but eventually the sound of the girl's water bottle rattling makes sleeping impossible. I get up and refill it, throw some eggs in the microwave to scramble (best. eggs. ever.), get dressed and brush my teeth and hair, pack some fruit, yogurt, and soup for lunch, and throw my journal into my purse. Then I'm out the door!

Microwave scrambled eggs - marvelous!
6:55 AM
I arrive at Abby's. Chris and I chat about the Olympics and the upcoming snowstorm until she wakes up and comes out to snuggle. Chris leaves for work, and we watch cartoons as she eats breakfast, then I get her dressed and washed and brushed, and we hit the road.
8:25 AM
Backpack and lunchbox in hand, we arrive at school. I give hugs and kisses as she goes inside to start her day.
9:00 AM
Coffee break! I use the last of a Christmas giftcard on a tall caramel blonde roast with a dose of nonfat milk and some Sweet-n-low (and a slice of pound cake for later). :) Then I duck into Wal-Mart to buy a new micro-USB cord for my phone charger, which has just died. I contemplate why micro-USB cords are so expensive, and consider buying a charger with a permanently-attached cord for a dollar more, but in the end I decide I like being able to switch out and borrow the cord and buy the cheapest one available.
I start driving to my second job of the day and fiddle with the radio, as I'll have some driving time. Nothing good is on. As I'm shifting things around, I find one of my favorite homemade mix CD's wedged under my mirror. Makes my day! :)
9:45 AM
The directions I was given to this client's house said to drive past the "Confederate Soldier Memorial" - something I've never seen but have heard of. Lo and behold, there it is! Proof I do live in "southern" Maryland. ;)
The Confederate Soldier Memorial
I'm running a little bit early, so I pull over to drink my coffee and do the daily page in my journal.
I'm an Instant Human - just add coffee! :)
10:00 AM
I arrive at the client's house; I met these folks through my second (third?) job, teaching toddler and preschool swim at the local college, and I've coached three of their four children. Today I'll be watching Miss Independent (age three) and Baby Girl (six months).
Miss Independent
Baby Girl
Their home is a beautiful three-story waterfront house which they're building themselves, and it's gorgeous. I get a tour and can't believe the view! :)
Gotta love the water!
The mom leaves for work, the dad runs me through the girls' routine and shows me everything I need to know. Baby Girl starts to fuss as Dad walks out the door; I lay her down for her nap, then Miss Independent and I make a footprint craft, play "I Spy," read books, roll a ball back and forth, and sing songs with hand motions. Then we have a snack; Miss Independent finishes just as Baby Girl wakes up.
12:00 PM
I put on a TV episode for Miss Independent while I change and feed the baby. Baby Girls is fussy and takes a little snuggling, but then plays on the floor with us while we read an "I Spy" book.
1:30 PM
Dad texts me to let me know he's running late, which means I'll be late for job #3. I text the mom of the triplets to let her know that I will be late.
I feed Miss Independent lunch - a hot dog and fresh strawberries - and give the baby a bottle. After eating, everyone gets a clean diaper. :) Miss Independent wants to make another craft, or "trick" (lol) so we make a handprint butterfly and are just finishing when Dad walks in the door.
3:00 PM
I text the triplet's mom to let her know I am on my way. I turn on the radio and start listening to NPR before I decide that what I really want more than anything is a couple minutes of peace and quiet. :)
I arrive at job #3 to discover that - joy of joys! - the triplets have just been put down for their nap, which in reality means that everyone is standing in their crib talking and playing. :) I say hi to the dog and to their grandmother, who I'm relieving.
Big dog? Small horse? I'm still not 100% sure...
After she leaves,  I watch the baby antics for awhile on the baby monitor, then heat up my soup and have my lunch of soup and yogurt. I also take a moment to read blogs on my phone, check my email, and transfer a load of laundry from washer to dryer.
4:20 PM
Little Boy is making it known that he's done napping for the day, so I bring him downstairs, change him, give him a bottle, and put him in the playroom just as his sister, Sweetie Pie, whimpers.
Little Boy
I bring her down, change her, and am just giving her a bottle when Spitfire fusses. Spitfire also gets a change and a bottle, then we all have playtime in the living room, building block towers and knocking them down, playing with the drums and maracas, playing peekaboo, etc.
5:30 PM
The triplet's dad and big brother walk in the door. Dad and I swap stories of the stomach flu (we all had it last week) and commiserate on our awful last meals (Fillipino and sushi), then I ferry everyone to their high chairs and start dishing out dinner (chicken noddle casserole and steamed veggies).  
Little Boy, Sweetie Pie, and Spitfire
When everyone is done eating, I clean them off one by one and return them to the playroom while I clean off the highchairs and trays. Then I join them for more playtime.
6:30 PM
The triplet's mom arrives home. She peeks in to say hi and says she'll take over as soon as she gets settled, then goes to check on Big Brother, who isn't feeling well.
6:45 PM
Mom takes over and begin getting the triplets ready for bed. I'm free! :)
7:00 PM
I'm hungry and dread the thought of cooking, so I decide to go say hi to my brother at the restaurant he works at. :) I've forgotten it's his night off, but his boss gives me a seat at the sushi bar and brings me a Japanese soda while I decide what I want to eat. :)
Yummy Japanese soda!
As I'm waiting for my food I enjoy sitting by myself, listening to the peaceful music, and just generally unwinding.
8:00 PM
I arrive at home and duck in to the "big house" to say hi to the family. My sister has the stomach flu now, so I check to see if she needs anything and to sympathise. :( No fun!
9:00 PM
I head back to my trailer and let the girls out to play while I work on my Valentine's Day decorations with an episode of NCIS playing in the background.
Zinnia (sleeping) and Zhiva (my Berkshire)
so cute!
10:00 PM
I am too tired to stay awake anymore! I herd the girls back into their house with a treat, feed them dinner, climb into PJ's, and climb into bed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pictoral Randomizer

- I got a new daily journal. Been looking for something small, where I can write a few sentences each day, just to keep the writing wheels greased, and with a bit of inspiration on each page. I found this one at Ross for $5 and it fits the bill nicely! Small enough that I can throw it in my purse, feels nice, and has a line of scripture or inspiration on each page. :)

Plus, wide margins = space for scribbling. I love scribbling. :)
- I found an oven-safe ramekin at Ross, too. For $1.50. Can't beat that.
- This is the sort of "snow" we've had a couple of times:
It's like pellets. Really truly like airsoft pellets. Very unsatisfying as far as snow goes, but it just brushes off my windshield with no icing/defrosting necessary, so I'm okay with it!
- Have you ever heard of a cronut?
It's the mashup of a croissant and a donut, and it's kind of amazing. And smaller than either, which mitigates the sugar rush somewhat. A bakery by us started selling them recently and I'm so in trouble. :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

In Which I Was Afraid I Was Going To Die... And Then I Was Afraid I Might Not

So on Monday when I woke up, I had a text from Chris, saying that Natalie had the stomach flu that's been going around, and he'd sprayed everything with Lysol, but did I want him to take Abigail to school so I didn't have to come in (i.e. be exposed)?

And I was all, Nah, I'll be fine.

On Tuesday I had my first full day with the triplets (eleven hours! I was tired lol) and after I arrived I discovered that during the night, their mama had also gotten the stomach flu and was down for the count. But she stayed in her room all day, and I kept washing my hands like crazy, and everything was Lysol'ed before I got there, so again, I figured, I'll be fine.

On Wednesday I started to feel like I had a bit of a cold - a scratchy throat and sore ears - but I figured some hot miso soup for dinner would soon set that right. And I split some sushi with Maggie. And Allen's boss brought us samples of Malaysian white coffee.

Let me just say - as amazing as our meal was Wednesday night, it was the absolute last meal you'd ever want to have right before contracting the stomach flu.


I spent most of the night puking, texted a hazy "sicknotcoming" message to Chris and Natalie, and in the early morning hours - when my stomach was finally, blessedly empty - crawled into bed to lay in a stupor of misery.

By early afternoon, I decided to alleviate my misery somewhat by watching Doctor Who episodes; by late afternoon I crawled over to the house and demanded they surrender their popsicles, which I was able to keep down. Allen brought me a smoothie a few hours later, fed the girls, and told me he was going to leave his phone on all night by his bed, in case I needed anything in the middle of the night (cuz he's pretty cool that way).

I couldn't imagine, when I went to sleep, that I would ever feel better by the next day, but lo and behold - what a difference twelve hours of not-puking makes! I woke up feeling so. much. better. It felt kind of miraculous, actually.

I managed to get the place wiped down/cleaned up a little before my body reminded me that "Hey, you're not actually that much better yet!" but by then I had clean laundry again, so I didn't care, and was happy to climb into clean PJ's, lay on the couch, and watch NCIS. :)

Today I'm feeling even better (still totally exhausted, though) so I'm hoping to be back to 100% by Monday. :) I'm super-thankful that Maggie was willing and able to teach my swim classes for me while I recuperated! And also that, while I was truly and dreadfully sick, it didn't last anywhere near as long as my last bout of sickness did. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014


... I've been craving some Lilo & Stitch - call it the winter blues. I took a little one to his gymnastics class last week and they were playing the soundtrack, and I almost cried when they turned it off. Hawaiian roller coaster ride... (I just looked it up on Amazon and you can buy both the soundtrack and DVD for around $4 each, shipping included. I'm thinking I need these if winter is going to last six more weeks!)

... I've been adding to my kid-related boards on Pinterest, because GUESS WHAT? I'm a nanny to triplets now! :) See?

Aren't they adorable?!
I'm pretty excited about this; my working interview/test day went great, the kids were great, the parents and I seemed to hit it off, and it works well with my other two jobs. So... super excited. :)

... I'm feeling so unmotivated lately. It's kind of sad. I was so pumped the last few weeks, cleaned like crazy, got a lot of organizing done, etc, and this past week when I'm home I've done almost nothing. I know it's partly the lack of sunlight, partly hormones (crazy-painful cramps and migraines have pretty much been the theme of this week, sadly), and partly a crazy schedule, but I'm really, really looking forward to summer.

... I'm missing my Alabama family like crazy lately. I was so blessed last year to get to see everyone so many times, and now it's like my brain has mentally adopted this as the new normal and expects a dose of AL every few months. I wish I could just drop everything and hop a jet for some Southern loving. :(

... I'm almost out-of-my-mind excited that Richard Dean Anderson will be at this year's Shore Leave! EEE! My teen years were pretty much spent writing Stargate fanfiction with my BFF, and I've gotten to meet two of the other main actors (Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge) so I'm looking forward to getting to meet him, too! :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Several weeks ago, Allen came home from work with the news that "his" restaurant was throwing a huge Chinese New Year's bash. Lots of special food. A big to-do. Reservations definitely required, and the chef/owner had told him to let his family know in case we wanted some, because he expected to fill up quickly.
Since it was the same night as our church's big event for hunters (um... yeah), none of my family was able to make it, but I texted Crisy to see if she wanted to join me - and she did!
I originally had 5 o'clock reservations, til I remembered I had to teach, so we switched to the 8 o'clock slot. This ended up being a good thing, since I locked my keys in the car at swim and had to get my mom to drive all the way down to let me back in. :( And then the other teacher for my preschool class was gone, so I had to teach five small kids by myself, and I was a little frazzled, so an extra-long hot shower was obviously required. ;) But by the time we arrived at Sakura, got a table, and settled in, I was looking forward to enjoying new food, the pleasure of Cris' company, and a generally relaxing night.
Our first course arrived - isn't it pretty?
And we were all set to try all the different foods, until the owner came running out and explained that we could not eat it until we had thrown all the different components up in the air and shouted "Yusheng!"  which apparently would ensure us good fortune and prosperity in the coming year. :)
Most of the other people in the restaurant went at this with solemn good will, but we were seated next to a table of... how shall I put this?... *cough*rednecks*cough* and pretty soon Crisy and I were laughing as we frantically threw food in the air with our chopsticks (the owner was quite insistent). And Cris lost a chopstick. But no matter.
After we'd munched on the Yusheng for a bit, we were brought a platter of "treasures" - dumplings, balls, etc, filled with various fillings both sweet and savory. This course symbolized all the riches that we will get in the coming year!
Then we were brought rice wine soup, symbolizing long life.
Almost immediately after, we were brought a plate of filling and another plate of rice wraps, and instructed to make our own wraps. I managed to make mine unassisted, as our host was at the other end of the room, but by the time Crisy started making hers, he had returned, and clearly disagreed with her technique. So she got a wrap-making lesson. ;)
Our host and Crisy, wrap-making
We were brought a coconut, gingery beef with rice (this was, hands-down, my favorite course!), and then a lovely sweet-potato-and-sweet-filling rice cake, and we figured we were done.
But nope - there was more!
Next we were brought a mango-leaf rice, mushroom, beef, and bean dumpling. And Allen ducked out to say hi. :)
Isn't he a good-looking chef? :)
Then the meal ended with a bowl of cold lychee soup, which was really lovely!
After dinner we each received cards with information about the animal of the year we were born in, and wrote wishes on red envelopes to hang on the branches of the decorated tree.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and hope to do it again next year, hopefully with more people at our table!

Valentine's Day Ideas

I really love Valentine's Day (it's only two weeks away!!!), which some consider odd since I'm single. :) I don't care, I love celebrating with my other single girlfriends, hanging out with my family, and spreading some love around!

One of my favorite parts of this holiday is making Valentines with Abby for her classroom party. We started this tradition when she was in preschool, and I hope we carry it on for many years to come!

Here are some of my favorite valentine ideas for kids:

Butterfly valentines
(Abby and I made these for her class party last year. So adorbs!)

I'm so glad we're in the same school!
You make my heart glow!
Valentine Flowers!
Love bugs
Lollipop as balloon
Valentine "crackers"

I wish I could show you my absolute favorite-est valentine idea, but I can't, because I'm going to be giving them to my loved ones and I don't want to spoil the surprise! :)

Our "dinner and games night" club has already decided that our meeting in February is going to be Valentine-themed; in lieu of our usual dinner, we're going to just do desserts and finger-foods (mm!), play Valentine-themed party games, and do a Valentine exchange. Since I'm hosting, I can't wait to deck out the trailer in tons of pink, white, and sparkles! :)

I'm collecting games for us to play, such as a "Matchmaker" game, a candy-hearts Connect Four, and this one -
Stacking Heart Challenge: Making a tower of hearts isn't as easy as you think. This racing game creates shouts, cheers and laughter. You'll need to buy plenty of small conversation hearts, I recommend a few bags. The object of the game is to build the tallest tower in the allotted amount of time (30 seconds should do). When the time is up, the kids count the hearts to see who is the winner. Then the next to players have turn. This game is usually a big enough hit for each player to request another turn. (From
Single ladies, I'd love to hear from you about how you celebrate Valentine's Day! Do you hang with your family?  Do something special with your girlfriends? Good ideas are ALWAYS welcome! :)