Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Um... Yeah.

It's Wednesday, y'all. And I've already worked over fifty hours between my three jobs. Most of those were spent with the triplets... This is how it happened (via Facebook status updates):

Saturday at 7 PM: "I was supposed to have the next two weeks off from triplet duty since their mama is going in for surgery on Monday and they'd hired full-time help for the recovery period. Then their help cancelled... so now I'm on full-time-plus-some duty for the next couple of weeks, starting with a 33-hour shift beginning tomorrow. And of course, the trips are sick and uber cranky. The money will be awesome, but my life is about to get CRAZY! Off to buy groceries, do laundry, and stock up on rat food before everything dissolves into cacophany..."

Sunday at 5 PM: "Phew! So much snot. Such high fevers. So many tears. Poor babies."
Sunday at 10 PM: "Prayers for triplet #2 would be greatly appreciated; she's on her way to the emergency room with grandma and a 104 degree fever (and prayers for me, cuz I'm on my own here with sick trips #1 & #3 and their fussy big brother. It would be amazing if we could make it through the night without everyone crying at once.)"

Monday at 2 PM: "Everyone is surprisingly happy for having been up all night; I "woke up" (what's the word for when you abandon all hope of getting any sleep and decide to start the day?) feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I got to nap a bit with the triplets, which was completely amazing. Everyone is down for their second nap now, and it's grandma's turn to snooze. Twenty-four hours down, twenty-four to go!"

Tuesday at 10:30 AM: "Big brother is at daycare... two sick little girls are on their way to the doctors with their grandma... one not as sick but extremely grouchy little man has just fallen asleep on my lap... and I'm going to go have a good cry before anyone gets home because I. Am. So. Tired. Not upset or sad or anything else, just absolutely bone weary. A good cry and I'll be back on my A-game and ready to continue comforting sick babies. (If anyone says anything along the lines of "Wait till you're a mom," I swear I will kill you. >8("

The girls ended up spending most of the day in the hospital with IV's full of fluids, steroids, and antibiotics after being diagnosed with pneumonia, RSV and ear infections. :( Mom and dad made it back home that night, and I got to go home and sleep in my own bed which was too amazing for words. I worked only seven hours today in between Abigail and swim, and tomorrow I have Abigail all day. Which sort of feels like getting a day off, to be honest. :) We'll have fun and I'll go to bed early because on Friday, back I go to the triplets!

For everyone who's wondering if I'm ready to turn in my nanny badge and call it quits... No. :) It's definitely baptism by fire, and I'd be lying if I said there weren't some moments in the last couple of days when I wanted to call it quits and go home, but overall I'd say it's working out well. I'm bonding with the babies and learning their personalities and comforts, and I'm getting along well with mom, dad, and grandma (who I've spent most of the last three days with, go figure lol).

I'm hoping to get back into something resembling a more normal schedule next week, so hopefully blogging with come back into play. :)

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