Friday, February 21, 2014

Bucket List Update

I've always been pretty quick to say that my bucket lists are just a guideline, a framework, a reminder that every day is a gift and is special and should be celebrated. A lot of the things on my bucket list are really just everyday tasks and events, but somehow putting them on a list makes them special.

That said... of the twenty-five things on my bucket list, I've managed to accomplish just seven in the past two months. I think that's some sort of record low (lol).

That said, I thought I'd make the bucket list that would have been if I could have seen into the future. :) It would look something like this:

1. Spend most of January unfreezing my pipes, huddling under my electric blanket, and looking at campgrounds in Florida
2. Become a Doctor Who nut and spend most of my spare time watching the six seasons of the reboot
3. Go ice skating with some of the coolest people around :)
4. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Crisy
5. Throw food in public (see #4)
6. Become a part-time nanny to triplets
7. Get the stomach flu
8. Become a full-time nanny to triplets
9. Survive three days of chaos with said triplets
10. Make a lot of money and be too tired to spend any of it :)

I thought about trying to work in some time to finish off things on my original bucket list, but the truth is that my schedule is looking insane for about the next five weeks (while the trips mom recuperates) and since it's finally warming up (!!! So excited) I'm more inclined to write this winter off as a crazy one and wait for my spring bucket list.

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