Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day In My Life

A lot of people have been asking what my new "normal" looks like, with three part-time jobs and all. (Sometimes I ask myself what normal is, too. Usually I don't answer myself lol.) The truth is, normal is still kind of elusive - what I do one day doesn't always look like what I'm doing the next - but here's how I spent one pretty typical day recently! :)
5:55 AM
My alarm goes off, and I hit snooze way too many times. I'm surprised I'm this tired, since I went to bed old-lady-early last night, but eventually the sound of the girl's water bottle rattling makes sleeping impossible. I get up and refill it, throw some eggs in the microwave to scramble (best. eggs. ever.), get dressed and brush my teeth and hair, pack some fruit, yogurt, and soup for lunch, and throw my journal into my purse. Then I'm out the door!

Microwave scrambled eggs - marvelous!
6:55 AM
I arrive at Abby's. Chris and I chat about the Olympics and the upcoming snowstorm until she wakes up and comes out to snuggle. Chris leaves for work, and we watch cartoons as she eats breakfast, then I get her dressed and washed and brushed, and we hit the road.
8:25 AM
Backpack and lunchbox in hand, we arrive at school. I give hugs and kisses as she goes inside to start her day.
9:00 AM
Coffee break! I use the last of a Christmas giftcard on a tall caramel blonde roast with a dose of nonfat milk and some Sweet-n-low (and a slice of pound cake for later). :) Then I duck into Wal-Mart to buy a new micro-USB cord for my phone charger, which has just died. I contemplate why micro-USB cords are so expensive, and consider buying a charger with a permanently-attached cord for a dollar more, but in the end I decide I like being able to switch out and borrow the cord and buy the cheapest one available.
I start driving to my second job of the day and fiddle with the radio, as I'll have some driving time. Nothing good is on. As I'm shifting things around, I find one of my favorite homemade mix CD's wedged under my mirror. Makes my day! :)
9:45 AM
The directions I was given to this client's house said to drive past the "Confederate Soldier Memorial" - something I've never seen but have heard of. Lo and behold, there it is! Proof I do live in "southern" Maryland. ;)
The Confederate Soldier Memorial
I'm running a little bit early, so I pull over to drink my coffee and do the daily page in my journal.
I'm an Instant Human - just add coffee! :)
10:00 AM
I arrive at the client's house; I met these folks through my second (third?) job, teaching toddler and preschool swim at the local college, and I've coached three of their four children. Today I'll be watching Miss Independent (age three) and Baby Girl (six months).
Miss Independent
Baby Girl
Their home is a beautiful three-story waterfront house which they're building themselves, and it's gorgeous. I get a tour and can't believe the view! :)
Gotta love the water!
The mom leaves for work, the dad runs me through the girls' routine and shows me everything I need to know. Baby Girl starts to fuss as Dad walks out the door; I lay her down for her nap, then Miss Independent and I make a footprint craft, play "I Spy," read books, roll a ball back and forth, and sing songs with hand motions. Then we have a snack; Miss Independent finishes just as Baby Girl wakes up.
12:00 PM
I put on a TV episode for Miss Independent while I change and feed the baby. Baby Girls is fussy and takes a little snuggling, but then plays on the floor with us while we read an "I Spy" book.
1:30 PM
Dad texts me to let me know he's running late, which means I'll be late for job #3. I text the mom of the triplets to let her know that I will be late.
I feed Miss Independent lunch - a hot dog and fresh strawberries - and give the baby a bottle. After eating, everyone gets a clean diaper. :) Miss Independent wants to make another craft, or "trick" (lol) so we make a handprint butterfly and are just finishing when Dad walks in the door.
3:00 PM
I text the triplet's mom to let her know I am on my way. I turn on the radio and start listening to NPR before I decide that what I really want more than anything is a couple minutes of peace and quiet. :)
I arrive at job #3 to discover that - joy of joys! - the triplets have just been put down for their nap, which in reality means that everyone is standing in their crib talking and playing. :) I say hi to the dog and to their grandmother, who I'm relieving.
Big dog? Small horse? I'm still not 100% sure...
After she leaves,  I watch the baby antics for awhile on the baby monitor, then heat up my soup and have my lunch of soup and yogurt. I also take a moment to read blogs on my phone, check my email, and transfer a load of laundry from washer to dryer.
4:20 PM
Little Boy is making it known that he's done napping for the day, so I bring him downstairs, change him, give him a bottle, and put him in the playroom just as his sister, Sweetie Pie, whimpers.
Little Boy
I bring her down, change her, and am just giving her a bottle when Spitfire fusses. Spitfire also gets a change and a bottle, then we all have playtime in the living room, building block towers and knocking them down, playing with the drums and maracas, playing peekaboo, etc.
5:30 PM
The triplet's dad and big brother walk in the door. Dad and I swap stories of the stomach flu (we all had it last week) and commiserate on our awful last meals (Fillipino and sushi), then I ferry everyone to their high chairs and start dishing out dinner (chicken noddle casserole and steamed veggies).  
Little Boy, Sweetie Pie, and Spitfire
When everyone is done eating, I clean them off one by one and return them to the playroom while I clean off the highchairs and trays. Then I join them for more playtime.
6:30 PM
The triplet's mom arrives home. She peeks in to say hi and says she'll take over as soon as she gets settled, then goes to check on Big Brother, who isn't feeling well.
6:45 PM
Mom takes over and begin getting the triplets ready for bed. I'm free! :)
7:00 PM
I'm hungry and dread the thought of cooking, so I decide to go say hi to my brother at the restaurant he works at. :) I've forgotten it's his night off, but his boss gives me a seat at the sushi bar and brings me a Japanese soda while I decide what I want to eat. :)
Yummy Japanese soda!
As I'm waiting for my food I enjoy sitting by myself, listening to the peaceful music, and just generally unwinding.
8:00 PM
I arrive at home and duck in to the "big house" to say hi to the family. My sister has the stomach flu now, so I check to see if she needs anything and to sympathise. :( No fun!
9:00 PM
I head back to my trailer and let the girls out to play while I work on my Valentine's Day decorations with an episode of NCIS playing in the background.
Zinnia (sleeping) and Zhiva (my Berkshire)
so cute!
10:00 PM
I am too tired to stay awake anymore! I herd the girls back into their house with a treat, feed them dinner, climb into PJ's, and climb into bed.

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