Monday, February 3, 2014


... I've been craving some Lilo & Stitch - call it the winter blues. I took a little one to his gymnastics class last week and they were playing the soundtrack, and I almost cried when they turned it off. Hawaiian roller coaster ride... (I just looked it up on Amazon and you can buy both the soundtrack and DVD for around $4 each, shipping included. I'm thinking I need these if winter is going to last six more weeks!)

... I've been adding to my kid-related boards on Pinterest, because GUESS WHAT? I'm a nanny to triplets now! :) See?

Aren't they adorable?!
I'm pretty excited about this; my working interview/test day went great, the kids were great, the parents and I seemed to hit it off, and it works well with my other two jobs. So... super excited. :)

... I'm feeling so unmotivated lately. It's kind of sad. I was so pumped the last few weeks, cleaned like crazy, got a lot of organizing done, etc, and this past week when I'm home I've done almost nothing. I know it's partly the lack of sunlight, partly hormones (crazy-painful cramps and migraines have pretty much been the theme of this week, sadly), and partly a crazy schedule, but I'm really, really looking forward to summer.

... I'm missing my Alabama family like crazy lately. I was so blessed last year to get to see everyone so many times, and now it's like my brain has mentally adopted this as the new normal and expects a dose of AL every few months. I wish I could just drop everything and hop a jet for some Southern loving. :(

... I'm almost out-of-my-mind excited that Richard Dean Anderson will be at this year's Shore Leave! EEE! My teen years were pretty much spent writing Stargate fanfiction with my BFF, and I've gotten to meet two of the other main actors (Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge) so I'm looking forward to getting to meet him, too! :)

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