Monday, May 27, 2013

In Memorium

During the Vietnam War, a young Marine helicopter gunner was scheduled to go on a routine "milk run"; at the last minute, he was pulled from the mission, and a Marine named Jim Childers took his place.

 Jim Childers was killed on that mission.

 I never met Jim Childers - he lived and died long before I was born. But the man whose place he took survived his time in the war. He went on to become a tea...cher and a writer, and used both skills to deeply and irrevocably touch my life. Because of knowing him, I will never be the same.

 It's easy, sometimes, to reduce Memorial Day to a sentiment, a picnic, or a footnote on a calendar page. Harder, sometimes, to truly grasp the breathtaking sacrifice that has been given to make us who we are today, both as a nation and as individuals. A nineteen year old Marine gave his life in war, and forty years later, my life was given new dimensions because of his sacrifice.

 I thank God for the many veterans who have impacted my life, both directly and indirectly.

 But most of all, I thank God for Jim Childers.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


1. This weekend, my mother installed a motion-detector light on the second-floor staircase. Pretty sure she was trying to make it more safe to traverse our stairs in the dark, but she didn't tell anyone, so when I went up the stairs that night, and the lights flashed on, it startled me and I came thisclose to crashing head-over-heels down the stairs. Fail.

2. I had a dream this week that my parents sat me down and told me I was adopted, and that I was really the long-lost daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. Yeah. I have no idea where that came from.

3. I wanted to begin my annual rereading of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, so I began hunting for my paperback copy (as opposed to my special centennial edition hardcover). Couldn't find it anywhere - found all three copies of Anthem (my father's copy from his college days, my own paperback, and my special-edition paperback with all three drafts) and my copy of We The Living, but no Atlas Shrugged. I started to panic. Where did it go? Did I get rid of it? What was I thinking?!? Then just as I was about to make an emergency run to Target to buy another copy, it occurred to me that maybe it was in the load of books I had already moved out to my trailer. It was. Identity crisis averted. Hello, Dagny...

4. I was reading Atlas Shrugged last night and at one point, I was like, "It's 1 AM, I really want to put this down and go to sleep already..." but I couldn't. It's like this book has a magic spell on me, or something.

5. My friend Crisy came over on Thursday night and almost single-handedly painted my living room. I was amazed and blown away by her kindness, especially when I found out she had to work the next day and has basically spent her free evening working on my trailer! My friends are awesome.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Status Update

Somebody. Bring me strawberry Breyers ice cream. And cake cones. Or whipped cream. Either or, I'm not picky.
May 22nd

Abby's cousin Lilly is spending the afternoon with us; I realized I had "arrived" as a nanny when I caught myself digging around in the box of dinosaur nuggets for a brontosaurus, so that the girls' plates would be exactly. identical. #lol
May 22nd

Em... so, my birthday is coming up... #hinthint
May 22nd
My future trailer-mate - who can resist that adorable little face?!
May 22nd
Coaxing a four year old to eat dinner is sort of like I imagine putting mittens on a set of octopus triplets feels like.
May 21st
So... Aerosol sunscreen melts nail polish. True story.
May 17th

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book List Update

So I've been doing a lot of reading. A lot. Which is good - I feel most centered, most inspired, most thoughtful when I've got lots of good literature bumping about in my head. But apparently I'm a fast reader, burning through about a book a day (unless the book strikes me as potentially life-altering, in which case I purposefully slow down to savor the words a little more). Which makes keeping up with reviewing them a little difficult. I finally decided I'd just jump in and do quickie one-paragraph reviews.

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
Good. Not quite as good as I thought it was going to be - I got lost about halfway through, gave up trying to solve the mystery myself, and just read for pleasure from then on - but certainly a good old-fashioned mystery novel. Loved the ending. :) If I were the sort of person to write out diagrams and charts while I was reading, I probably would have adored this book, but the truth is, I'm just not. The characters are easy to love and relate to, though, and the style is fun and engaging to read.

The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan
I enjoyed this book, not particularly because of the writing style (Riordan isn't really my cup of tea) but because of the premise and the overall "just plain fun" factor, teamed with just a hint of slightly ridiculous hilarity. :) While I find these books slightly overpriced (I acquired mine through after seeing that they were more than $12 at Target!), they're fun reads, reminiscent of Lemony Snicket's "Series of Unfortunate Events." Clean, fun.

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Not for the faint of heart, Impulse is an often dark, sometimes redeeming, always heartbreaking novel written in free-form poetry (similar to Helen Frost, who I adore) about three adolescents who find themselves in a psych ward after attempting suicide. The good: I was surprised by how exquisitely this novel is crafted, the form lending itself perfectly to the content, and by the excellent development of the characters. Hopkins also takes care to give her readers a sympathetic glimpse into what it feels like to experience bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.
The bad: this novel is gritty. The things that drove the characters to their suicide attempts - sexual abuse, destructive behaviors, addiction, mental illness - are explicitly and frankly brought into the novel, and the language can be offensive at times. I felt the ending was too "stylized," so much so that it almost undid the admiration I had for the book throughout.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Friendship

Today my best friend turns a year older (for twenty-five days out of the year, we're different ages).
January 2007

We've now known each other for fifteen years, which is more than half our lives.
She and I are the two on the right, sitting on the couch. This would have been circa 2003?
Which is funny, cuz we started out hating each other.

She thought I was a control freak, and I thought she was a rebel.
We kind of still do.
But we've gotten over it. *wink*
She knows me better than anyone else in the world.
She's always been fashionable -
- in fact, when we were teens I basically modeled my outfits after hers, and I've continued to shamelessly steal - aherm, be inspired by ;) - her sense of style.
I've always thought she was one of the most gorgeous people I know.
She let me adopt her family when I really needed it. At one point, her parents called me their "other daughter." And she's always treated my sister Maggie with so much love and consideration. :)
We're both Geminis, born under the sign of the twins.
When we were teenagers, we used to get asked sometimes if we were twins. Then, sisters. Then, cousins. When we told people we weren't even related by blood at all, they were shocked.
We went to summer camps together.
Worked at the same Chick-fil-a for almost three years.
Got our first "real" haircuts together.
Wrote lots of Star Wars fanfiction.
Would have run away to be Jedi padawans, if we could have. :)
We introduced each other to radical new concepts (underwear that stopped below our navels! Facebook! bras that didn't look like they belonged in a granny's closet!), music groups, movies, and books.
When she moved away eight years ago, I thought my life was over. But then she got a cell phone with free unlimited minutes in the evenings, so I'd stay up waiting for 9 PM to come so I could sit on my roof in the freezing cold and talk forever.
Every summer since then, I've spent my week's vacation in Alabama.
I cried when I saw the first pictures of her son and heard the news of his birth.
(He's brought so much happiness into my life!)
She's an amazing mother.
And I cried again this spring when she said "I do" to a pretty amazing guy.
Let's face it - not a whole lot of people I would camp just to get to spend time with!
Fellow flip-flop enthusiast.
The first time I dyed my hair, she was right there next to me, sporting the same shower cap. :)
Even separated by 748 miles, we still get sick at the same time.
Robin - I love you. :) You're my bestie, my other sister, the one who I know has my back through thick and thin. It makes my heart happy to see you so happy, with your handsome, loving husband and beautiful son, and to think about holding more of your children someday. :) I'm praying God brings you lots of good times in the future, and that we get to have just as much fun in the next fifteen years (holy cow, we'll be 41!!! ridiculous) as we did in the last fifteen years.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

King's Dominion!

So... remember that beach trip we were gonna take this week?
Didn't happen.
Our friend ended up not being able to make it.
We were gonna go by ourselves, but then Maggie sold her car!
(Which is a good thing. But also means we lost our one dependable vehicle. And I was preeetty sure my lil truck was not gonna make it there and back).
We thought about getting a rental.
But because we wanted to go during the week, when the hotels were offering specials, we couldn't find any car rental specials
(which apparently run on the weekends).
Go figure.
We decided the trip wasn't happening.
We weren't too traumatized.
We'll go in the fall.
But I did want to do something fun, something slightly roadtrip-ish...
... something vacation-y...
And on Wednesday, it hit me.
"Hey, Maggie, we should go to King's Dominion!!!"
She loves to ride coasters.
I don't, but I do dearly love carnival rides.
Plus, neither of us had been to the park in 2+ years
and probably won't be going this summer.
And then the twins seemed interested -
even more so when I offered to buy their tickets as a belated birthday present -
and suddenly we had a group!
I was able to get really good deals on tickets by combining a special with a coupon code.
We left the house at seven
arrived at the park by nine thirty
parked right outside the gates
and proceeded to the coasters.
The twins had never been on a coaster before
and there was a whole list of coasters Maggie had always wanted to ride
but never had, because the lines had always been looooong.
No long lines today!
I don't think we waited a full hour for anything.
Our first stop (and the twin's first coaster):
The Anaconda.
You can't see them in the photo, but this is their car. :)
The twins looked a little stunned when they stumbled off, but they were game to continue, so we made our way to Flight of Fear.
I have been on this one
- one of the three coasters I've let myself be talked/coaxed/forced into in my life -
but I had no desire to repeat the experience, so I stood on the ground and watched over all the sunglasses, cell phones, and hats. :)
After they survived, Maggie deemed them ready to go on the Volcano
a ride she's always, always wanted to go on,
but never had, because the lines are usually 3+ hours long.
Today they were barely 1.
They all liked it, although the agreed that it was "tamer" than they'd expected.
Crazy people.
We began thinking about lunch - with all this crazy adrenaline and wild contortions, people's blood sugar had begun to wear thin, lol -
so we hiked back to the front of the park to eat at the Mexican place they had there.
It was nice - for $10 we all got a huge plate of food, free refills on our drinks, and air conditioning. :)
After reapplying our sunscreen (we applied and reapplied sunscreen aggressively throughout the day! I am determined not to get burned this summer!) we headed back to the square to ride some carnival rides - the Scrambler, the Triple Spin, the Avalanche (twice! we couldn't stop laughing :)), the Boo Blaster (for the very first time ever, I lost my #1 spot!), and the Flying Ace (a bigger version of this).
Maggie kept insisting that after a morning of riding coasters, the rest of the day "was dedicated to doing things with Sarah"
(she's a sweetheart :))
she underestimated my ride endurance, and after our stint through the family rides
I was done.
Plus, I knew there were more coasters they were itching to try out.
Maggie and I spotted a sign for fried Oreos at the same time
(I have fond memories of trying one in Alabama the summer before Khy was born, but haven't had one since)
and laughingly, they trooped off to try the Shockwave
while I sat below, eating my oreo, and watching.
Or, at least, that's what was gonna happen
until I found out that the Oreo place was closed.
So I wandered around looking at the different vendors, asking if anyone in the park was doing henna that day
(I'd seen some of the stands, but they were all closed up,
and I really, really wanted some ink on my skin).
One of the vendors I ran across tipped me that the main henna place
was over by the Grizzly
So when the kids stumbled off of Shockwave, we headed over there.
They wanted to do the Grizzly anyway.
Turns out, it took longer for me to get my skin inked
than it did for them to stand in line, ride the coaster, and get back.
Go figure.
(Btw, for the curious, I got this design on my left forearm.)
I had braced myself for staying until the park closed
which was 6:30
(it was the off-season)
after they got off the Grizzly, no amount of cheerful "What would you guys like to do next?"
elicited a response.
Finally, someone
(I think maybe it was Liz?)
ventured they if it was all the same to everyone else
they were done.
And once one person said the words, everyone else seemed to agree.
It was already close to 5 PM, so
we figured we'd gotten out money's worth.
'Cept that...
as we were walking out,
we walked right past the Dominator.

You know.
We stopped.
By the time we got in the car, we were exhausted.
Really hot.
And slightly dehydrated.
We pulled in at the 7-11 across the road
bought very very large bottles of water
and sat in the parking lot for a bit,
just cooling off, drinking some water, gearing up for the drive home.
I drove the first hour
then we stopped at Wawa, where Allen and I got dinner
and Liz drove the rest of the way home
including a stop at McDonalds for me to get some iced coffee
which kind of went to my head
and made me giggle hysterically
and roll the windows down
(including the sunroof).
All in all, a rather perfect day.
The twins are growing up so fast...
It kind of takes my breath away.
I love them so much
and I want them to know that just as much as I love them,
I love spending time with them.
Pretty soon, there'll be jobs
and college courses
(oh, I hope lots of kids!)
requiring our time
(and, yeah, infinitely enriching :))
our lives.
But right now, we're not quite there.
It's just us
making good memories

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Land's End (Review)

So, it's summer. Officially. Because it hit eighty degrees yesterday, I wore a tank top and sunscreen (when my arm started to burn through the open window as I was driving), and tomorrow, Maggie, Elizabeth, Allen, and I are heading to the amusement park (since Maggie's and mine beach trip got cancelled. boo.).

I need some new clothes, y'all. :) I'm trying to think really purposefully about the clothes I buy, since a) I'm trying to save money (who isn't?), b) I'm about to have less room to physically store all my stuff, so everything I own I'm gonna really have to love, and c) I admit it, I've bought stuff before that was gorgeous, that was cute, that I loved... but I never wore. Because for whatever reason, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle.

Maggie and I went up to the mall yesterday and I got a chance to visit the Lands' End outlet, which was great, because I'm always getting coupons for Lands' End, but I'm hesitant to order stuff online because their fit and quality seems to be all over the board. :( Plus, everything was 30% off, which was nice! :)

They didn't have all the pieces I'd wanted to try on in stock, but they did have quite a few!

This actually wasn't on my list of pieces to check out, but I loved the look of it on the rack and added it to my pile. I was surprised to find out it was a coverup - the fabric was definitely thick enough and the style cute enough that I'd wear it as a dress! I'm also surprised by the photo, because when I tried this on, it came to my knees (I'm 5'3"). The material is soft (and, as I mentioned, thick, without being too stiff) and if they'd had it in stock in another color - I love the heather gray and opal green shown on their website - I would probably have bought one.

Two years ago, when I was in Alabama, I bought a polo for $3 at a Dirt Cheap and wore it with flippy skirts, long denim skirts, denim pencil shirts, maxi shirts, etc. It fit perfectly, was a great weight, etc. And then last summer it got a stain that I couldn't remove, and I've been hunting for a replacement ever since.

This isn't it. The material is thick, but stiff. The cut has a lot going for it - shorter sleeve length, skinny placket, banded sleeves - but it's still boxy. The stiff material means it doesn't drape. The placket is too short, so no matter how many buttons you unbutton, you still feel "buttoned up." Not a fan.

Ooh, I really really really thought I'd love this dress. I lovelovelove maxi dresses, I love tie-shoulders, and this looked just up my alley.
It wasn't. :( Much like the coverup, the model in this photo has got to be at least 6'3", and the waist hit below my hips. The armholes were cut much too large, which meant that I'd have to put on a tank underneath (thus ruining the easy-one-piece-outfit concept), the slits cut too high, the neck too low.

I've been hunting for the perfect T-shirt dress, and this is by far the best I've found! In fact, this is the only thing I bought then and there. :) I like the higher neckline (no need for a tank!), the fact that I could wear this with or without the belt, and the slightly flared skirt (which comes below my knees, so I can chase Abigail or get down on the floor without any worries). The material is the perfect weight - no worries about clinging or sheerness, but not so heavy I felt constricted.
I went with navy, but I wish they'd offer this dress more colors - a nice orange, or turquoise, maybe? - or a print. T'would be awesome. :)
What would also be awesome is if they decided to offer this same dress, except sleeveless. Cuz I also want a tank dress this season, and that would be perfect.
I saw this dress on Gwynnie Bee and I so wanted to like it. I mean, it looks so cool, right? And easy to wear!
The material was too thin. The neckline sagged oddly. The sleeves were really odd - they're much shorter than the picture shows, and I could see my underarm and bra every time I moved.
Sadly, my hunt for the perfect striped T-shirt dress? Still on.
I love tanks with extra details - ruffles, ruching, etc - for modesty's sake (a looser fit) as much as for style's. I was excited by the gathers around the neckline on this shirt (you can't really see them in the picture, but they're there) so I decided to give it a go.
And I loved it.
Except I could have belted it and worn it as a mini-dress, had I been so inclined.
I liked it so much, I even thought about buying it and having it hemmed - but even at 30% off, with tailor fees I couldn't justify the cost, so back it went.
I tried this on in two different colors - white, and french walnut - and I gotta say, I loved them both. And if they'd been about half price, I probably would have bought both. They're a great length - just at or below the knee. Also a nice shape - not too boxy, not too pencil-y, just a great knee length skirt.
The white was light but not sheer (I wasn't wearing nude undies and I couldn't detect them), and I'm still thinking it'd be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. The walnut color was awesome - weathered and had lots of character; it would go sooo nicely with leather sandals, or boots (come fall).
I wouldn't be surprised if I bought either of these skirts on sale in the future.
Some other pieces I have my eye on (but that weren't available yesterday):
I'm thinking a polo dress would be the ultimate easy outfit - cute sandals, a little jewelery, and you're good to go. 

This is essentially the same dress that I bought yesterday, with a pleated skirt instead of an A-line. I like the more structured silhouette, and I'm thinking it would make a great outfit for more formal occasions (church, etc).

I had one of these blouses (from another retailer) a couple of years ago and loved it. The only reason I haven't bought one of these from LE yet is because I'm seriously ambivalent about the prints. :( Solids, please?

Um, can you say "easy party dress?" Love the surplice neckline, and the fun glittery skirt means minimal accessorizing required. I only wish it came in black. :(

I love mandarin collars and roll sleeves, so naturall I love this top. :) I have two very similar tops right now from Old Navy, and while I love them, they're so cheaply made that I know they won't last much beyond the season. I would love to replace them with a couple of these tops - so please, please, LE, how about a nice dusty green and black? Pretty please? *bats lashes*
So... what's on your "wish list" for warm weather clothes?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


While Abigail and her parents take in Massachusetts, (y'all, I had to look up how to spell that. I think that's a first for me.) I'm at home on staycation. I toyed with the idea of a road trip, of pulling out a map and throwing a dart, tossing a coin, heading off to see some part of the country that I've never seen before... but in the end, the pull of being at home and at rest was too much. Later on this year there will be trips - to conventions and unknown parts and far-away-but-familiar places - but for now, I'm here.

As always, I'm torn between "get-stuff-done" and "relax," between "paint-construct-unpack" and "find-a-new-book-and-maybe-take-a-nap."
In the end, it turns out the perfect pace is a little of both.

Painting has gotten done. Unpacking has gotten done. Measuring for new drapes has gotten done.

Napping (lots of napping) had gotten done. Reading (oh, so much reading) has gotten done. Meeting up with friends for impromptu late dinners, trying new things on the menu, going to the indoor pool, it's all gotten done. And I'm telling myself that while it's true, that this week will fly by (and good, because I miss my girly), it's also true that I have enough time. Time to slow down and hang out with my sibs, see friends, do all those little things I sometimes (in less grateful moments) with my life had room for.

And so.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Why is "coolth" not a word? I mean, we say "warmth" instead of "warmness," why "coolness" instead of "coolth?" Silly English language.


Rehearsal today was hot. My AC never quite fully kicked in on the drive up (gotta get it recharged) so by the time we got there I was sweating. And then all the guys were sweating, too. We turned on the fans (which didn't help much), and then I convinced Nathan to drop the thermostat a few degrees (which did).

And then I came home, and I was thinking how I really should go out and work on my remodel. Because this week is just gonna fly by, and I'm chafing that I'm not gonna have much time tomorrow between babysitting and going contra dancing for the twins birthday. But it was warm outside and I knew painting in my trailer was going to be like being in a tin can in the sun. So I was whining a little bit about how I wish we had the special electrical setup that was needed to run the AC, and my dad (who's been doing research on the electrical systems lately in preparation for wiring it in) looked thoughtful and said, "You know, I'll bet it'd run fine on regular power."

Guess what?

Oh, yeah.

So I was able to turn it on and get it going while I cooked dinner, have a nice meal while relaxing at my kitchen table, and then spend several hours painting in an amazingly cool trailer. Doesn't get much better than this. :)

By the way - there is so. much. painting. Arg. I keep thinking I'm almost done, then I'll discover I need to touch up this, or I never got to the underside of that, and it feels like it's never going to be done. But as of right now, I'm pretty sure that all I have left (knock on wood) is a second coat on the backside of the kitchen counter, the kitchen benches, and tons and tons of cabinet doors.

Wait, and the underside of the cabinets.

See what I mean?

But it's starting to look good. Sleek and modern and soothing, and I love it. It's always felt homey to me, but each coat of paint changes the look and makes it more "me." I'm starting to think now about wall art, and bedding, and furniture, and how it's just thisclose to being done. I can't wait.

Status Update

My week in Facebook status updates

"And I sleep like a baby, every night it seems / I'm having the sweetest of dreams..."
-May 4th

May the fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars day! :)
-May 4th
Dear man sitting by himself at Cracker Barrel, enjoying a leisurely breakfast while reading Faust:
I love you. You epitomize all that is right in the world. :)

-May 5th
The bright side to a 4yo who thinks that ketchup goes on anything: when the plate tilts and the strawberries slide into the ketchup, she doesn't really care.
-May 5th
In an alternate reality, [my best friend] and I have an apartment together, and are spending this dreary, rainy, glecky day watching a Back To The Future marathon and eating mac-n-cheese. 
-May 6th
When my seedlings got too big for their peat pods, I moved them to larger pots. At the time, they were still too small (for my admittedly amateur eye) to see any differences between them, but now that they've grown a bit one of them is clearly different. The problem is, is doesn't look like ANY of my other seedlings. I strongly suspect I've been lavishing my care and attention on a weed.
-May 8th
I woke in the middle of the night to hear thumping downstairs. As I'm turning on the light and contemplating investigating myself versus waking my dad, I knock my tablet off the nightstand, which wakes my father. I relay the thumping, and he goes downstairs to investigate. When he doesn't return, I get worried and go after him. Turns out he got hungry investigating and decided to fix something to I get a glass of water. He hands me another glass of water and asks me to take it to my mom on my way up. I go to do this and frighten my mom, who thought I was a burglar, come to burgle clutching two glasses of water.
We're thinking the original bump in the night was our neighbor's cat on the front porch.
I am going back to bed now...
-May 9th

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Call Me Mary Poppins

At the end of this summer, my three (almost four!) year adventure of being a nanny will draw to a close when Abby goes off to kindergarden. :( This has truly been one of the most formative, influencial, and happiest experience of my life, and I'm being especially careful to treasure each of these "last days" - the mornings spent snuggling on the couch together, the thrill of picking out a new chapter book or reaching the last page of one, the afternoons at the pool, the braiding of hair, and on and on. I have loved every minute of it, and I've been lucky to have had a great relationship with Abby and her parents.

But as with all careers, I've learned some important lessons along the way - some funny, some serious.
  • Always, always carry wet wipes.
  • A messenger bag can double as a child-carrier in a pinch.
  • You don't really understand something until you can explain it to a child.
  • Always start brushing tangled hair from the bottom, not the top.
  • Some parents will hate you until they find out you're a nanny; others will love you until they find out you're a nanny (resentment much?).
  • Children are almost never as badly behaved as their caretakers.
  • Ketchup is the universal condiment.
  • If you're a nanny for any reasonable time period, you will learn the theme songs to every children's show in existence...
  • ... And you will turn on the subtitles to figure out the lyrics when you can't understand them, or it will drive you nuts (btw, the last line to Martha Speaks is "Martha, to reiterate, Martha speaks!" You're welcome.)...
  • ... You will also form critical opinions about them...
  • ... And you will look forward to new seasons.
  • There is nothing so thrilling as discovering that a child shares your passion, be it for a TV show, book, or hobby. Nothing.
  • Playgrounds have unspoken rules of etiquette.
  • So does the children's section of the library.
  • The Itsy-Bitsy Spider song has at least five verses. True story.
  • The true measure of a person is how they treat a child.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday, I wore an if-not-cute-then-at-least-presentable outfit. Applied makeup. Ran my fingers through my hair cuz it felt so soft and clean and nice. Heard Michael Buble's "It's A Beautiful Day" and hummed along ("and I can't stop myself from smiling"). Laughed (albeit a little sleep-deprived-hysterically) at rehearsal when I destroyed my lines and declared that they'd "throw you in the dungeon and lock away the key!"

Today... I'm wearing a worn-out hoodie. Haven't made it to makeup yet (and probably won't). My hair is dirty. "Beautiful Day" sounds different when it's raining so. darn. hard. and everything outside is a dreary sort of glecky grey. If I laughed hysterically, I'm pret-ty sure it would turn into tears of frustration that the sun just won't seem to shine for longer than twenty minutes.

And I need to clean out my chicken coop, and get my kitchen painted (bleh), and clean my room for weekend guests, and put away clean laundry, and who-knows-what-else.

Clearly, I need a cup of coffee. And maybe a nap.

But the truth is, I'm so amazingly blessed to be feeling this way. Grouchy, maybe. Tired, definitely. Antsy, impatient, disappointed in our long, wet spring.

All normal.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm Going To The Beach!!!

Have I mentioned what a horrendously long, dreary "spring" it's been? It kinda sorta feels like it's never going to be warm again. I mean really warm, warm enough to wear long flowy dresses (without snuggly sweaters over them), strappy sandals, or rock some henna. *sigh*

But even if it's a little chilly this week, it doesn't matter, cuz next week I'm going to the beach!

Abigail and her parents are heading out for their yearly vacation next week, and while I intend to spend most of the week getting lots of work done on my remodel, on Thursday morning Maggie, my friend Crisy, and I will be jumping into the car and heading up to Ocean City, Maryland for a quick beach getaway.

I can. not. wait.

My mini-bucket list:
  • Play some Beach Boys as we go over the bridge
  • Read a new book on the beach
  • Eat seafood
  • Take a walk on the beach at night
  • Take pictures
  • Dip my toes in the water
  • Sit in the hot tub
  • Go swimming
  • Soak in some sun

Friday, May 3, 2013


Since I won't be home much this weekend, I figured I'd get my randomizer out a little early. :)

- This weekend Maggie and I are watching Abigail while her parents go away overnight. Sleepover!!! :) We have sooo much stuff planned... a swim date to the indoor pool (with slides and stuff), watching "the brave mouses," maybe watching some "nice robot and his friend" (lol), doing nails, reading our new Pippi Longstocking book... and the other 500 fun things that happen when you spend time with a four year old. :)

- A couple of weeks ago, her parents cut off her hair. :(

I was brokenhearted, mostly cuz I couldn't figure out what to do with it, but I've been practicing, and this week I managed to pull off double braids. :)
Be impressed! The trick, I've found, is to run a damp brush through her hair before styling.
- At VBS drama rehearsal today, we ran through days 1-4 with almost no stops. It went much better than I'd expected, even though I'm still not really connecting with my character. But costumes are being made, swords are being ordered, makeup is being discussed... it's getting pretty close.
- I was going to come home from rehearsal and get a bunch done on my trailer, since I'm not gonna have enough time this weekend to get much done. Instead, I came home, ate dinner, and fell asleep, lol, and now what I want more than anything is to crawl back into my soft bed, with the cool night breezes flowing in my window, and watch a movie. :)