Friday, May 3, 2013


Since I won't be home much this weekend, I figured I'd get my randomizer out a little early. :)

- This weekend Maggie and I are watching Abigail while her parents go away overnight. Sleepover!!! :) We have sooo much stuff planned... a swim date to the indoor pool (with slides and stuff), watching "the brave mouses," maybe watching some "nice robot and his friend" (lol), doing nails, reading our new Pippi Longstocking book... and the other 500 fun things that happen when you spend time with a four year old. :)

- A couple of weeks ago, her parents cut off her hair. :(

I was brokenhearted, mostly cuz I couldn't figure out what to do with it, but I've been practicing, and this week I managed to pull off double braids. :)
Be impressed! The trick, I've found, is to run a damp brush through her hair before styling.
- At VBS drama rehearsal today, we ran through days 1-4 with almost no stops. It went much better than I'd expected, even though I'm still not really connecting with my character. But costumes are being made, swords are being ordered, makeup is being discussed... it's getting pretty close.
- I was going to come home from rehearsal and get a bunch done on my trailer, since I'm not gonna have enough time this weekend to get much done. Instead, I came home, ate dinner, and fell asleep, lol, and now what I want more than anything is to crawl back into my soft bed, with the cool night breezes flowing in my window, and watch a movie. :)

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