Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday, I wore an if-not-cute-then-at-least-presentable outfit. Applied makeup. Ran my fingers through my hair cuz it felt so soft and clean and nice. Heard Michael Buble's "It's A Beautiful Day" and hummed along ("and I can't stop myself from smiling"). Laughed (albeit a little sleep-deprived-hysterically) at rehearsal when I destroyed my lines and declared that they'd "throw you in the dungeon and lock away the key!"

Today... I'm wearing a worn-out hoodie. Haven't made it to makeup yet (and probably won't). My hair is dirty. "Beautiful Day" sounds different when it's raining so. darn. hard. and everything outside is a dreary sort of glecky grey. If I laughed hysterically, I'm pret-ty sure it would turn into tears of frustration that the sun just won't seem to shine for longer than twenty minutes.

And I need to clean out my chicken coop, and get my kitchen painted (bleh), and clean my room for weekend guests, and put away clean laundry, and who-knows-what-else.

Clearly, I need a cup of coffee. And maybe a nap.

But the truth is, I'm so amazingly blessed to be feeling this way. Grouchy, maybe. Tired, definitely. Antsy, impatient, disappointed in our long, wet spring.

All normal.

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