Sunday, May 26, 2013


1. This weekend, my mother installed a motion-detector light on the second-floor staircase. Pretty sure she was trying to make it more safe to traverse our stairs in the dark, but she didn't tell anyone, so when I went up the stairs that night, and the lights flashed on, it startled me and I came thisclose to crashing head-over-heels down the stairs. Fail.

2. I had a dream this week that my parents sat me down and told me I was adopted, and that I was really the long-lost daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. Yeah. I have no idea where that came from.

3. I wanted to begin my annual rereading of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, so I began hunting for my paperback copy (as opposed to my special centennial edition hardcover). Couldn't find it anywhere - found all three copies of Anthem (my father's copy from his college days, my own paperback, and my special-edition paperback with all three drafts) and my copy of We The Living, but no Atlas Shrugged. I started to panic. Where did it go? Did I get rid of it? What was I thinking?!? Then just as I was about to make an emergency run to Target to buy another copy, it occurred to me that maybe it was in the load of books I had already moved out to my trailer. It was. Identity crisis averted. Hello, Dagny...

4. I was reading Atlas Shrugged last night and at one point, I was like, "It's 1 AM, I really want to put this down and go to sleep already..." but I couldn't. It's like this book has a magic spell on me, or something.

5. My friend Crisy came over on Thursday night and almost single-handedly painted my living room. I was amazed and blown away by her kindness, especially when I found out she had to work the next day and has basically spent her free evening working on my trailer! My friends are awesome.

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