Friday, May 10, 2013


Why is "coolth" not a word? I mean, we say "warmth" instead of "warmness," why "coolness" instead of "coolth?" Silly English language.


Rehearsal today was hot. My AC never quite fully kicked in on the drive up (gotta get it recharged) so by the time we got there I was sweating. And then all the guys were sweating, too. We turned on the fans (which didn't help much), and then I convinced Nathan to drop the thermostat a few degrees (which did).

And then I came home, and I was thinking how I really should go out and work on my remodel. Because this week is just gonna fly by, and I'm chafing that I'm not gonna have much time tomorrow between babysitting and going contra dancing for the twins birthday. But it was warm outside and I knew painting in my trailer was going to be like being in a tin can in the sun. So I was whining a little bit about how I wish we had the special electrical setup that was needed to run the AC, and my dad (who's been doing research on the electrical systems lately in preparation for wiring it in) looked thoughtful and said, "You know, I'll bet it'd run fine on regular power."

Guess what?

Oh, yeah.

So I was able to turn it on and get it going while I cooked dinner, have a nice meal while relaxing at my kitchen table, and then spend several hours painting in an amazingly cool trailer. Doesn't get much better than this. :)

By the way - there is so. much. painting. Arg. I keep thinking I'm almost done, then I'll discover I need to touch up this, or I never got to the underside of that, and it feels like it's never going to be done. But as of right now, I'm pretty sure that all I have left (knock on wood) is a second coat on the backside of the kitchen counter, the kitchen benches, and tons and tons of cabinet doors.

Wait, and the underside of the cabinets.

See what I mean?

But it's starting to look good. Sleek and modern and soothing, and I love it. It's always felt homey to me, but each coat of paint changes the look and makes it more "me." I'm starting to think now about wall art, and bedding, and furniture, and how it's just thisclose to being done. I can't wait.

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