Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm Going To The Beach!!!

Have I mentioned what a horrendously long, dreary "spring" it's been? It kinda sorta feels like it's never going to be warm again. I mean really warm, warm enough to wear long flowy dresses (without snuggly sweaters over them), strappy sandals, or rock some henna. *sigh*

But even if it's a little chilly this week, it doesn't matter, cuz next week I'm going to the beach!

Abigail and her parents are heading out for their yearly vacation next week, and while I intend to spend most of the week getting lots of work done on my remodel, on Thursday morning Maggie, my friend Crisy, and I will be jumping into the car and heading up to Ocean City, Maryland for a quick beach getaway.

I can. not. wait.

My mini-bucket list:
  • Play some Beach Boys as we go over the bridge
  • Read a new book on the beach
  • Eat seafood
  • Take a walk on the beach at night
  • Take pictures
  • Dip my toes in the water
  • Sit in the hot tub
  • Go swimming
  • Soak in some sun

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