Tuesday, May 14, 2013


While Abigail and her parents take in Massachusetts, (y'all, I had to look up how to spell that. I think that's a first for me.) I'm at home on staycation. I toyed with the idea of a road trip, of pulling out a map and throwing a dart, tossing a coin, heading off to see some part of the country that I've never seen before... but in the end, the pull of being at home and at rest was too much. Later on this year there will be trips - to conventions and unknown parts and far-away-but-familiar places - but for now, I'm here.

As always, I'm torn between "get-stuff-done" and "relax," between "paint-construct-unpack" and "find-a-new-book-and-maybe-take-a-nap."
In the end, it turns out the perfect pace is a little of both.

Painting has gotten done. Unpacking has gotten done. Measuring for new drapes has gotten done.

Napping (lots of napping) had gotten done. Reading (oh, so much reading) has gotten done. Meeting up with friends for impromptu late dinners, trying new things on the menu, going to the indoor pool, it's all gotten done. And I'm telling myself that while it's true, that this week will fly by (and good, because I miss my girly), it's also true that I have enough time. Time to slow down and hang out with my sibs, see friends, do all those little things I sometimes (in less grateful moments) with my life had room for.

And so.

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