Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Friendship

Today my best friend turns a year older (for twenty-five days out of the year, we're different ages).
January 2007

We've now known each other for fifteen years, which is more than half our lives.
She and I are the two on the right, sitting on the couch. This would have been circa 2003?
Which is funny, cuz we started out hating each other.

She thought I was a control freak, and I thought she was a rebel.
We kind of still do.
But we've gotten over it. *wink*
She knows me better than anyone else in the world.
She's always been fashionable -
- in fact, when we were teens I basically modeled my outfits after hers, and I've continued to shamelessly steal - aherm, be inspired by ;) - her sense of style.
I've always thought she was one of the most gorgeous people I know.
She let me adopt her family when I really needed it. At one point, her parents called me their "other daughter." And she's always treated my sister Maggie with so much love and consideration. :)
We're both Geminis, born under the sign of the twins.
When we were teenagers, we used to get asked sometimes if we were twins. Then, sisters. Then, cousins. When we told people we weren't even related by blood at all, they were shocked.
We went to summer camps together.
Worked at the same Chick-fil-a for almost three years.
Got our first "real" haircuts together.
Wrote lots of Star Wars fanfiction.
Would have run away to be Jedi padawans, if we could have. :)
We introduced each other to radical new concepts (underwear that stopped below our navels! Facebook! bras that didn't look like they belonged in a granny's closet!), music groups, movies, and books.
When she moved away eight years ago, I thought my life was over. But then she got a cell phone with free unlimited minutes in the evenings, so I'd stay up waiting for 9 PM to come so I could sit on my roof in the freezing cold and talk forever.
Every summer since then, I've spent my week's vacation in Alabama.
I cried when I saw the first pictures of her son and heard the news of his birth.
(He's brought so much happiness into my life!)
She's an amazing mother.
And I cried again this spring when she said "I do" to a pretty amazing guy.
Let's face it - not a whole lot of people I would camp just to get to spend time with!
Fellow flip-flop enthusiast.
The first time I dyed my hair, she was right there next to me, sporting the same shower cap. :)
Even separated by 748 miles, we still get sick at the same time.
Robin - I love you. :) You're my bestie, my other sister, the one who I know has my back through thick and thin. It makes my heart happy to see you so happy, with your handsome, loving husband and beautiful son, and to think about holding more of your children someday. :) I'm praying God brings you lots of good times in the future, and that we get to have just as much fun in the next fifteen years (holy cow, we'll be 41!!! ridiculous) as we did in the last fifteen years.

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