Friday, May 24, 2013

Status Update

Somebody. Bring me strawberry Breyers ice cream. And cake cones. Or whipped cream. Either or, I'm not picky.
May 22nd

Abby's cousin Lilly is spending the afternoon with us; I realized I had "arrived" as a nanny when I caught myself digging around in the box of dinosaur nuggets for a brontosaurus, so that the girls' plates would be exactly. identical. #lol
May 22nd

Em... so, my birthday is coming up... #hinthint
May 22nd
My future trailer-mate - who can resist that adorable little face?!
May 22nd
Coaxing a four year old to eat dinner is sort of like I imagine putting mittens on a set of octopus triplets feels like.
May 21st
So... Aerosol sunscreen melts nail polish. True story.
May 17th

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