Monday, January 1, 2018

Winter Bucket List 2018

1. January Whole30
2. Try new budget system
3. New Bible reading plan (Book of Common Prayer)
4. Write at least twice a week
5. Winter walk on the beach
6. Workout 3x week
7. Play in the snow
8. Frame and hang art
9. Stay up late and read a new novel
10. Try the new coffee shop
11. Make Valentines for kids
12. Ice cream night w/dari
13. Stargaze
14. Cooking class
15. Mini road trip
16. Repaint cabinets
17. Get a pedicure
18. Finish audiobook list
19. Kindness Ninja
20. Send a care package to Liz

Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Bucket List 2017

*1. Give thanks (23)
*2. Listen to "A Christmas Carol" (25)
*3. Listen to a new Christmas album (1)
*4. Drink an eggnog latte (2)
*5. Make an advent wreath (8)
*6. Write thank-you notes (9)
*7. Host loved ones (10)
*8. Bake (11)
*9. Last class of the year (14)
*10. See the new Star Wars (14)
*11. Try the escape room (16)
*12. Take a nap and stay up late wrapping presents (17)
*13. Add a new ornament (18)
*14. CBAC Christmas party (19)
*15. Drive to look at lights (19)
*16. Start new journal/calendar (20)
*17. Day with the triplets (22)
18. Donut date with Abigail (27)
19. Make resolutions (30)
20. Try a new cocktail (31)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017 Fall Bucket List

1) Buy fresh flowers
2) Make chili
3) Road trip!
4) Go to the fair
5) Go to Artsfest
6) Go on a walk to see the Autumn leaves
7) Buy fresh apple cider
8) Visit the farm
9) Start Christmas shopping
10) Decorate a pumpkin
11) Read a new book
12) Wander
13) BBT season 10
14) Try a new essential oil
15) Make treats for the team
16) Watch a sunset
17) Make apple butter
18) First swim meet!
19) Coffee and rock hunting date
20) Whole7

Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017 Summer Bucket List

I did things a little differently this year; instead of writing out my bucket list in advance, I started out with a blank slate and added things whenever they brought me joy. Hence, my 2017 Summer Bucket List. :)

1) Slushie date with Abigail after swim lessons
2) Buy a new pool float (or 3) (or 5)
3) Go the the movies (double feature!)
4) Learn to paint
5) Swim in the dark
6) Eat ice cream for breakfast
7) Make a new cocktail
8) Listen to the rain
9) Plant a garden (successfully!)
10) Eat crabs
11) Watch a shooting star
12) Sing
13) Run practice all by myself
14) Direct VBS drama (it's good to be back!)
15) Make cold brew coffee
16) Reread Atlas Shrugged
17) Get a pedicure
18) Try affogato
19) Swim in the ocean
20) Hunt and hide painted rocks (#somdrocks)

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Cooking/eating: Chili. Sloppy joes. Chinese food takeout to celebrate the end of a long week. A little chocolate in honor of Easter. ;) Pork and roasted veggies.

Thinking about: Summer staffing. How I want to rearrange my life this fall. Repainting the trailer inside and out. Tiny houses. Converting a cargo trailer into a tiny.

Excited about: Only seven weeks left to our school year! Hosting a bonfire party. One last day of Spring Break. Summer break being just around the corner.

Watching: The eleventh season of Bones, all in one go after I was flattened by a horrific migraine and spent most of 48 hours in dark, quiet spaces. Amelie - I haven't seen it since college! An episode of Lost with Ruth to celebrate her passing her Lifeguard course.

Reading: Pride and Prejudice (I think it's safe to say I've now given Jane Austen a fair shot and I'm just not a fan). I finished "As Good As Gone" and I LOVED IT. Almost as good as "The Girl On The Train." I have a weird mix of classics and modern thrillers loaded up right now, and I have a little less than seven weeks to plow through them before June first and my annual reread of Atlas Shrugged.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Every Day

Eating: Asian turkey lettuce wrap filling (the last of the batch I put in the freezer for lunches - I need to make another, it was amazing); bean and bacon soup (and burritos, using it as a filling); lots of kale and eggs; I have a pork tenderloin I need to cook, probably Friday.

Learning: Spanish (via Duolingo).

Succeeding at: keeping the house cleanish; teaching butterfly.

Failing at: returning emails.

Reading: The Montessori At Home Guide (not as practical as I'd expected, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that some concepts I'm a huge proponent of are montessori); Homeschooling Methods (so far hugely boring and also not as practical as I'd hoped).

Listening to: The Phantom of The Opera by Gaston Leroux (if possible, Raoul is even more of a simpering idiot than in the musical); Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale; started As Good As Gone by Amy Gentry. (Also The Boxcar Children Ice Cream Sundae Mystery and Mrs Piggle Wiggle's Magic wjth the kids. But those don't count ;))

Adventuring: planting a garden (garlic, potatoes, spinach, fennel, red and orange peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, and broccoli); sitting by the wharf with coffee while the girls walk around in between jobs; sleeping wjth the windows open and being aware of it even while I slept, the sheer sensory joy of night breezes, moonlight, and insects.

Everyday magic: opening the door to put out the trash one night and looking up just in time to catch a brilliant shooting star. Spring coming (thank God!). Picking up Zephyr and feeling him snuggle into my arms. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Week

Reading: "Every Day Is A Holiday" - finished at last! Started "Common Prayer: A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals" and I'm looking forward to it.

Listening to: "The Fellowship Of The Ring" and LOVING it. I think I might do "The Hobbit" next. Or possibly go another round with CS Lewis and "The Silver Chair." I need something soul-soothing.

Accomplishing: A clean house and the grocery shopping completed; cleaned out the car; washed some towels; rewrote the roster and answered emails; filled the propane tanks.  Basically nothing  except the everyday chores that seem a hundred times harder when you've been wiped out by a stomach bug. :/

Excited about: Celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids on Tuesday (we're having a "class party" which shall consist of delivering homemade valentines to the mailboxes we painted last week, eating turkey pot pie at their request (lol), making muddy buddies, and a special movie (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)).

Thinking about: too tired to think.