Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Of All The Things I've Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most

I don't know if it's the stress of lately, "triplet brain" (our term for what happens when you're so overloaded with the details of baby care times three that all other parts of your brain shut down), or what, but the list of things I've lost over the past few days is becoming epic.

For starters, I seem to have lost my purse. I've lost my wallet before, mind you, but I've never lost an entire purse. Luckily it's no biggie as I had my wallet and camera with me, and so the purse was basically just an oversized Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and makeup carrier, AND it was an older purse that was falling apart and I was about to throw away anyway, but still.

Then today I've misplaced my keys. I always chuck them up on the dashboard when I park at my house, and if for some reason I do carry them inside with me, I ALWAYS leave them on the kitchen table,  but this morning they were neither place. Grr! I'm using my spare key to the truck, but it makes me nervous because if I misplace this key, I'm toast. O.o Hoping my family will find that I left my keys at their house last night when I came to visit.

Also inconvenient - I broke the door to my trailer last week, so if you open the doorhandle all the way, or even 2/3 of the way, it snaps open (without actually opening the door) and, short of climbing out the emergency exit window or takings the door apart with a screwdriver, your only way out is to call someone to open it from the outside. Eventually I'll take it apart and fix whatever catch has obviously become uncaught, but right now I don't gave the time, and it's not a job I'm eager to do in freezing temperatures, since the door will have to be open for awhile. I've pretty much mastered the trick of opening it just to the point of the catch and no more,  but I'm always afraid I'll accidently get stuck in the early morning and have to call the house to have someone unstick me so I can go to work. Since nobody in my family is a morning person, the wrath I'd face would be great indeed. 8(

That's pretty much all the news from my end lately. I leave you with some snapshots of the other 99% of my life:

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