Saturday, March 1, 2014

Six On Saturday

1) The triplet's mama is back in the hospital :( so I'm reinstalled in the guest bedroom until the parents come home. And I'm tired. A different triplet was up every hour and they all got up at 5:30. 8( Luckily for me,  their grandma (who is running for sainthood, bless her!) told me to go back to bed and fed them breakfast, got them dressed, and started them playing in the toyroom. Now everyone is napping (thank God!) and I'm scoring a precious hour of "alone time," which has been in scarce supply for the past two weeks. And looks like it will continue to be so for the next four to six weeks. Hm.

2) Speaking of alone time - I've never considered myself an introvert (although I do think I become more introverted during certain months of the year when I'm fighting seasonal depression), but I think you could easily classify me as an extrovert with a high need for space. I think that's probably been the hardest part of this job, the never being alone. When/if I ever get back to a normal schedule, I'm taking a weekend off, hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my front door, and hermiting.

3) Of course, that being said, I've also been surprised at how much I've been craving time with other adults. I was lucky to score a last minute, late night sushi date with some friends earlier this week, and it felt absolutely amazing to have someone bring me food, keep my glass refilled, and basically cater to me while getting to talk with other adults. :) It made me glad for all the freebie babysitting I did for new moms back when I could afford to work for free...

4) Enough about triplets. :) Funny story: last night in the middle of swim class, with maybe fifty or sixty kids in the pool all swimming laps and learning turns and whatnot, an older lady climbs in and begins paddling around. Everyone kept looking at me (why do I always get these sorts of jobs lol) so I finally swam over and asked if she was here for open swim. She said yes, so I smiled and told her it was in the other pool. The big empty one. I explained that this pool was reserved for the swim lessons at this time. She said "Oh." Then she asked if that meant she had to get out. ?!? I pointed out that with all the kids trying to swim laps, they would be constantly in her way (I didn't point out that she was obviously in our way. I thought it seemed obvious.). She reluctantly paddled over to the side of the pool, swam around a little while longer, and eventually climbed out. Meanwhile the kids kept asking, " Is she taking swim lessons, too?" O.o

5) A friend of mine gave me the best. compliment. ever. last week. She said I was the most positive person she knew, and I was conpletely blown away by it. Of course, she's also one of the people I've been turning to when I've been overwhelmed this past week... so it's doubly awesome that she still feels that way when she's seen me falling apart!

6) Apparently my family had a dinner guest tonight. According to Facebook, the FedEx delivery man came to deliver a package, but his scanner gun had died and he had to wait for it to recharge before he could actually hand it over... so my mom invited him in to eat with them. (I have to admit, this idea kind of freaks me out... I mean, isn't how it happens in all those true crime shows that someone ends up murdered?! ... but I also love the idea of inviting a stranger to become a friend.)

Hope everyone is having a good day! Not gonna lie... mine has been pretty rough... but I'm planning on taking a long shower, curlinf up on the couch, watching three hours of America's Funniest Home Videos, and hopefully laugh till I cry. ;)

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