Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If Nothing (Else) Unexpected Happens...

... then this will be the last night spent at work before I get to go home! I'm so very, very excited... except I'm also kind of dreading the day tomorrow, cuz I know I'll be dog-tired for most of it. But at the end there will be a full, uninterupted night's sleep, in my own bed, with no baby monitor and no getting up to feed little ones or snatch them out of their cribs and rush them out before their crying wakes the other two.

Gonna be honest... I wrote a whole post yesterday on how homesick I was, and how hard it was being snowed in even though I wasn't leaving anyway. And how it wasn't that I was mad or unhappy or regretting taking the job (well, ok, maybe for just a few minutes around 3 AM lol) but that I was so give-ed out. (Seriously, you moms, kudos to you. Motherhood is hard. I had moments this weekend where I contemplated how much having children seemed a bit like gambling, because holy cow you might have TRIPLETS!!! Adoption has never seemed so good - at least with whatever unknowns you're facing, you know you're only. getting. one.)

... but then my phone ate the post and by then my brain was so fried I couldn't have rewritten it if my life depended on it.

Here's to a good last night, in which just maybe everyone sleeps through the night.

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