Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winding Down

Although right now things are still very far from normal - I'm still working between sixty and seventy hours a week, haven't had a day off in four weeks (although I did get a few hours off one morning and it felt amazing!)  and I have no. time. - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Barring any more complications or unforeseen disasters, in two weeks the triplet's mama should be fully healed and I can have my life back. Amen. I have a whole slew of ideas on how to spend my first weekend off, but for now I'm mostly trying to make sure I don't let my sleep debt get too enormous, eat somewhat decent meals, and find a few minutes to nurture my own self each day, whether that be driving with my windows down and some good music, reading inspiring blogs on my phone while kiddies nap, or snagging a few minutes outside (I hope to never be as cooped up again as I have been these last few weeks!).

The weather has definitely changed, and although it's supposed to be cold tomorrow, you can tell spring is on the way. I'm excited about posting my new spring bucket list (and actually having time to do some of the things on it!).

I've started working on the VBS script, and I'm excites about getting the casting nailed down and beginning rehearsals. This year's theme is "International Spy Academy" - should be fun!

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