Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Bucket List

I thought I'd wait until next Thursday - the official first day of spring - to post my bucket list. But... it's been so warm lately (although, in all honesty, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Y'all...) and - even more exciting - I'm going to get a whole day off tomorrow! You heard right! A whole entire day! And since it's supposed to be warmish before it starts snowing... ikr? ... I'm going to take advantage of it and start celebrating!

1) Start seedlings
2) Make new solar lights for the walkway
3) Expand patio
4) Wash the outside of the trailer
5) Wash the windows
6) Buy a new swimsuit
7) Clean out closet and pack away winter clothes
8) Wash and store winter bedding
9) Buy a new spring/summer blanket
10) Buy a new pair of flip-flops
11) Go on a picnic
12) Go wading at the beach
13) Go to dinner and sit outside
14) Paint something
15) Leave a message
16) Go dancing
17) Mail Easter eggs
18) Get a pedicure
19) Drive with the windows down
20) Send BFF and her husband a gift for their first wedding anniversary! :)
21) Have a photo shoot
22) Spring clean
23) Go canoeing or kayaking
24) Buy a birdfeeder for my kitchen window
25) Go stargazing
26) Go on a mini-roadtrip
27) Open the windows
28) Touch up paint
29) Clean out and wash my truck

1 comment:

Hannah M said...

I should pull together something like this of my own. Warmer weather makes me want to be more productive, and maybe this would help!