Saturday, February 8, 2014

In Which I Was Afraid I Was Going To Die... And Then I Was Afraid I Might Not

So on Monday when I woke up, I had a text from Chris, saying that Natalie had the stomach flu that's been going around, and he'd sprayed everything with Lysol, but did I want him to take Abigail to school so I didn't have to come in (i.e. be exposed)?

And I was all, Nah, I'll be fine.

On Tuesday I had my first full day with the triplets (eleven hours! I was tired lol) and after I arrived I discovered that during the night, their mama had also gotten the stomach flu and was down for the count. But she stayed in her room all day, and I kept washing my hands like crazy, and everything was Lysol'ed before I got there, so again, I figured, I'll be fine.

On Wednesday I started to feel like I had a bit of a cold - a scratchy throat and sore ears - but I figured some hot miso soup for dinner would soon set that right. And I split some sushi with Maggie. And Allen's boss brought us samples of Malaysian white coffee.

Let me just say - as amazing as our meal was Wednesday night, it was the absolute last meal you'd ever want to have right before contracting the stomach flu.


I spent most of the night puking, texted a hazy "sicknotcoming" message to Chris and Natalie, and in the early morning hours - when my stomach was finally, blessedly empty - crawled into bed to lay in a stupor of misery.

By early afternoon, I decided to alleviate my misery somewhat by watching Doctor Who episodes; by late afternoon I crawled over to the house and demanded they surrender their popsicles, which I was able to keep down. Allen brought me a smoothie a few hours later, fed the girls, and told me he was going to leave his phone on all night by his bed, in case I needed anything in the middle of the night (cuz he's pretty cool that way).

I couldn't imagine, when I went to sleep, that I would ever feel better by the next day, but lo and behold - what a difference twelve hours of not-puking makes! I woke up feeling so. much. better. It felt kind of miraculous, actually.

I managed to get the place wiped down/cleaned up a little before my body reminded me that "Hey, you're not actually that much better yet!" but by then I had clean laundry again, so I didn't care, and was happy to climb into clean PJ's, lay on the couch, and watch NCIS. :)

Today I'm feeling even better (still totally exhausted, though) so I'm hoping to be back to 100% by Monday. :) I'm super-thankful that Maggie was willing and able to teach my swim classes for me while I recuperated! And also that, while I was truly and dreadfully sick, it didn't last anywhere near as long as my last bout of sickness did. :)

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