Friday, February 21, 2014

Four On A Friday

1) The air has that feel this week
... you know? That quiet energy that sits just under the surface of everything, that says "Get ready... it might not be spring just yet, but it's coming. Get ready." My wanderlust is starting to make itself known, and I'm toying with the idea of a solo road trip, just myself and some music and a long, long road.

2) Speaking of spring... I made my dad help me "steal" a pallet from the woods so I can make a vertical garden. I can't wait
I want green, I want growing things, I want to coax baby veggies into delicious maturity.

3) I've begun sort-of-not-really-but-kinda looking at sailboats. I want one - something big enough to overnight on once I've learned to sail, but small enough to handle on my own. And my blogroll is slowly filling up with sailing blogs. Looks like I know what my next.adventure will be!

4) I'm writing this on my smartphone while waiting in the van with the girls for their grandma to pick go their new nebulizer. They're both feeling a lot better - thank God! - and I'm hoping we've passed the worst of it. I'm also hoping to get a day (or at least a morning!) off pretty soon so I can attack some of these chores and errands that are piling up. We'll see...

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