Sunday, November 17, 2013


Oh. My. Word.

The weekend is over. Thank goodness.

It was a really good weekend. A lot was accomplished. Money was made (thank God!). But I'm kind of exhausted, and I've been around people almost nonstop for three days, and I'm really just looking forward to crawling into my trailer, locking the door behind me, and savoring the peace and quiet. :)

But first, a recap:

The Vintage & Farm Sale up at Boondoggie Farm was yesterday. This was the first time I've gotten to work a show, although not, oddly enough, the first time I've sold there (since I was sick the last show, Maggie graciously sold for me along with her own table). It was a small show that was totally outdoors, but within forty minutes I'd sold half my stock, Maggie had sold one of her biggest pieces, and the day kept going well. I came home with only three cozies left, tons of ideas, and a custom order. Can't wait to show again next month!

As soon as the show ended, I helped pack up our stuff so I could RUN to my next event - babysitting for a new client! I was a teensy bit apprehensive about it since, although I was recommended to them by a friend, they seemed a little... distrustful? nervous? (Apparently they've had bad experiences with sitters before :( ). But the night went terrifically - the girls (ages 5 & 7) were well-behaved, and we played games, read books, and played all night. Both were bathed, brushed, and completely ready for bed by the time their parents got home, and not only did the parents bring me a dessert from the restaurant they went to (!) but they paid me time-and-a-half my hourly rate and texted me a little later to let me know how pleased they were and how much the girls liked me, and would I come back again in the future? I think we're going to have a great relationship after all. :)

Today I was in the nursery at church with four little ones, all boys! Usually we have more girls, so that was a switch for me. I enjoyed getting to interact with them and everyone was reasonably well-behaved, so that made the morning much easier. :) Then this afternoon we had Christmas cantata practice - only two Sundays and three Saturdays left before the Big Day! :) I'm totally confident now, as everyone seems to have their lines down pat and the acting is starting to reach a new level of realism. So excited to see the fruit of all our hard work finally paying off!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends and family, and kicking off the Christmas season! :)

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