Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lull (And A Randomizer)

It's been a crazy, crazy month. Especially this past week or so, where I had different jobs for different clients every day, sometimes multiple jobs a day, and all those last minute Christmas preparations, and - I'll admit it - my heart was desperate for some meaningful time with loved ones and family, so a lot of times when I should have been off accomplishing stuff, I was, instead, playing Hearts, watching movies, or otherwise hanging out with people.

A couple of times I kind of teetered close to the edge of "not okay" (this is historically the time of year when I struggle the most, even while on anti-depressants)... but by God's grace, I never actually slipped into depression, even though I kind of expected to.

But now the busy season is over! And there's the fun of New Year's to look forward to - which is going to be incredibly laid back this year, and involves a hotel reservation with a pool, giant Jacuzzi, a Starbucks next door, and a day off. Score! Plus, I have two full days with Abigail - can't wait for some Abby time! - and that always feels like a vacation. :)


- I've been staying at the big house ever since Christmas Eve, sleeping on Maggie's spare bed. It's sort of like being on vacation - huge bathroom, warm house, endless hot water, people all around - and I've definitely enjoyed the family time.

- I've also been working on cleaning/organizing my trailer, which kind of turned into a free for all during the holidays. It's awful. I'm going to be a better housekeeper in the coming year, I swear!

- I'm addicted to sushi, specifically the sushi at Asahi. It's ridiculous how much I've eaten there in the last month of so. I'm probably going to turn into a fish (for the record, my favorites so far are the "Under The Sea" roll - shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna - and the "Hawaiian Islands" roll - California roll wrapped in salmon, then grilled).

- I got to watch the Doctor Who episode "Blink" this week. A.K.A., the weeping angels episode. My mind was totally blown, and I immediately downloaded it onto my tablet so I could show it to my sibs, who seemed a little more impressed than they were when I tried to describe Doctor Who to them. Then I discovered that I can stream episodes on my new smartphone fantastically, so I see a lot of watching in my future. :)

- I got a new phone - a smartphone!!! I'm totally in love. Lovelovelove. And my mom got one for Christmas, and I made the "mistake" of installing Words With Friends on it for her. ;) Don't worry - I'm winning! :)

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