Monday, November 24, 2014

My Favorite Things Monday

This purse from Cato. I've been looking for a new purse for several months and have been eyeing this one, but I was never willing to fork over the full price. Plus, as soon as I walked away, I would begin to talk myself out of it. "It's quilted, you hate the quilted look. It has tassels, you hate tassels. It's tan, you hate tan." All of which was true... but somehow the combination in this purse just rocks and I love it. On a whim I told Maggie today that I was going to run in, and if the price was at all reduced, I was going to buy it; instead, she bought it for me as a Christmas present! Now the hard part will be to wait until Christmas day LOL! (If the black color also goes on sale, I might snag that one, too. I love them both and most of my purses are old and getting tattered from pulling double duty as diaper bags.)

The new scent from Bath and Body Works, A Thousand Wishes. I've been using (and loving!) Beautiful Day ever since I bought it the week of my BFF's wedding (almost two years ago!) but it's a very summery scent and I've been wanting something a little different lately. This is perfect. :) (I also snagged some Endless Weekend, mostly because of the name LOL!)

Cold weather that makes it fun to snuggle into chunky knits! I'm especially loving the new hat, scarf, and gloves I just bought. They're military-inspired, so soft and comfy, and the gloves are touch screen compatible! (Couldn't find a link to the hat I bought - it's super stretchy so it actually fits my wide noggin! - but they do have a cute headband in the same design, if you're so inclined. ;))

This Christmas CD. And this one. And this one. (I pulled out the Christmas music this weekend and I'm not sorry, not one little bit.)

Have you seen OPI's new nail polish shade, My Favorite Ornament, on Pinterest? I did, too. And then I surprised myself by buying it when I saw it! O.O I'm totally not the person who ever spends more than $3 on nail polish, and I'm not admitting how much this little vial cost (but it was RIDICULOUS!) and I'm totally, totally in love. It looks very gold and very sparkly in the picture, but the truth is that it's more shimmery-glimmery than sparkly and not very gold at all... sort of white-gold, and it sort of picks up color from whatever it's near. This will by my "celebration" nail color for the next year. :) - because there was a gift that I wanted to get my BFF and her hubby that was just not happening on my budget, and then I hit a sale and combined two different coupons from RetailMeNot and I saved 80% (80%!!!) and that gift is on it's way to Alabama. :) Love. It.

A sister who sometimes just drops everything to go Christmas shopping with me, and then digs to the bottom of a giant retail crate to dig out the very last perfect present that's been on my list for days. :)

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