Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More life, lately

Projects I've been working on: finally got my bed curtain hung on a real curtain rod. Liked it so much that I went ahead and bought enough material to finish putting up curtains on all the windows (and good thing I did, because I really love that print and it was the last bolt they had, with exactly as much as I needed, AND it was discontinued). I bought a magnetic strip to hang my kitchen knives on (can't wait to get it up and installed!). Started tiling the vanity backsplash (need to buy trim pieces and finish it off).

Projects I need to be working on: coach roster for new session. Getting everything winterized before it gets cold enough to be a miserable chore.

Projects I want to be working on: pulling out my dinette and sofa and putting down new flooring. I have a vision now, I'm pretty excited. Just need to figure out where I can stash the removed pieces...

Enjoying: the cooler weather. Mason sounding out words ALL BY HIMSELF. Getting to spend some one on one time with one of my special needs swimmers,  and just getting to enjoy her since none of her classmates showed up. Impromptu team dinner last night (no one showed up for the final class, so we knocked off early (with permission!) and went out for sushi). Kombucha and coffee.

Listening to: lots of classical music (even the kids are near, usually a Beethoven's Wig album). The Girl On The Train via Audible (ack! So amazing!). The pool filter at work, which is unusually loud lately.

Laughing at: one of my coaches who had a kid last night who refused to stop crying because she was cold. The coach told her the pool was cold because Elsa had been swimming in it, and the tears stopped. (Although the kid did ask at the end of class if we could PLEASE ask Elsa to STOP swimming in our pool.) ;)

Thinking about: the weekend. I think we're going to sell the boat. :( How badly I just want to skate through today without hearing/seeing any election news. Someone being very gracious to me during an awkward conversation, and how deeply I appreciated it. How less stressed I am after the awkward conversation!

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