Monday, May 10, 2010

Things Break Down*

*(There is an obscure literary reference in this title... a student of mine began throwing out obscure literary references in class one week, with meaningful glances at me to see if I could name them. So far, I've named them all and stumped him once. :))

Last week, right in the middle of my run (the part where I'm about to get a second wind and feel like somebody pumped me full of lightning, to be exact), my treadmill died. I tried to fix it, to no avail. I got my dad to look at it, and he worked on it and got it running again, saying something about the thing having an internal circuit breaker to deal with static buildup (???). I didn't care - it was working again.

A few days later, the same thing happens. I reset it the way he shows me, but every six minutes afterwards it needs resetting. This is a little annoying, since I have to pause and jump down every six minutes, but okay.

Yesterday the thing died at six minutes and refused to be reset. I am annoyed. I tried substituting the Wii Fit, but the Fit seems to bug my hip (long story, but I sprained my back last month and while my back has healed up, my hip seems to be stubbornly refusing to heal).

I tried a mat routine yesterday (i.e. jogging in place, light weights, some step aerobics, etc) and kind of hated it. So today I went outside to run. Yes, that's how desperate I am. I went outside and dealt with the pollen, the gravel (which inevitably finds its way inside my shoe), the bugs, and the possibility of snakes (which we regularly find stretched across the road). It worked, but it was not satisfying in the way my treadmill is. :(

I don't know what I'm going to do today... I am going out with a friend from co-op tonight, and technically it is time for a rest day (I have been taking a day off every 4-5 days), so I'm contemplating taking a rest day today (especially since my hip is killing me today). I can't wait for dad to get home and fix my treadmill!

In other news...

Co-op ended today! I'm a bit sad about this - I love teaching - but on the other hand, I am looking forward to summer, and doing some traveling on the weekends, and directing the teen drama program at camp, and hanging out at the pool with the kids and Abigail on the afternoons. I love the cycle of seasons - I like marking the passing of time. :) I'm also looking forward to working on next year's curriculum over the summer! Should be a good year!

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