Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things Pile Up*

*Yet another obscure literary reference. Anyone got it yet? :)

On Saturday, I am zipping out to Alabama for a long weekend to celebrate my best friend's birthday. Which is actually on Friday, the twenty-first, but do you know how EXPENSIVE it is to fly on a Friday? Seriously, I think I saved about $100 by flying out Saturday morning instead of Friday night. I am sad that I won't get to spend the actual day with her, but still excited about the chance to see her and Khy - who, I am told, is sitting up now and playing with the rattle I sent! When Robin and I talk on the phone, I can almost always hear him cooing or laughing in the background. Makes me want to hold him so bad!

So anyway, in order to make it to Alabama this weekend, I have the usual packing/laundry/etc to get done, but I also want to get some cleaning done so I can come home to a fairly clean/organized space and have clean clothes to wear. I also need to pick up Robin's gift (I have it picked out but haven't actually bought it yet) and wrap it, and write out the card (which I have bought) and wrap a graduation gift for her sister (and also my friend) Rachel, who is graduating on Friday (something else I'm sad to miss).

And because that's just not enough to keep me busy... The end of year open house/graduation ceremony for the co-op (where I teach) is on Friday, and three students are graduating, all of whom I've taught in one capacity or another (either through co-op or the church's summer teen drama program). I have actually been really on the ball about this - I have the cards all written out and the gifts wrapped. But I also have to set up a display for both my classes and put together a scrapbook of sorts to show off our final projects. Also, my film class is trying to show the short we've worked on all semester, and I'm having issues with getting all the different parts of it sent to me in time. :(

In other words, it's going to be a crazy next few days! :)

Since I'm going to be out of town for three days, I told myself very sternly at the beginning of the week that I needed to jog every day. And then, of course, my treadmill died. And rather than being stymied, I Wii Fit-ed to make up the difference in time and discovered some new features. And when I found out that I just can't do my full time on the Wii (it really truly kills my hip), I pulled out our old stationary bike and began working on that. So now I have a weird mini-circuit in our basement: treadmill, bike, Wii Fit Strength program, treadmill, bike, Wii Fit Strenth program. I can't actually say that I like that as much as I like the treadmill, but it works. Anyway, today I absolutely do not want to go do any of it. I totally want to curl up in bed and watch Bones or Stargate. :)

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