Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Apparently just the thing I needed to snap myself out of this "why is winter taking so long" funk was a project.

Granted, I'd been thinking about getting a few hens for laying/pet purposes.

I just didn't set out to to it this week.

But no matter.

Cuz they're pretty cute.

In about 20 weeks, I'll have these:

Right now, I have these:

Meet Lystra, Isiri, and Unami!

Cute and fluffy! (and not HALF so loud as the ducks were last year, nor half as stinky as Allen's 50 chickies are... *whew*)

But very, very hungry!

Allen has agreed to help me (which really translates to "make while I stand nearby observing") make a chicken coop, and I already have a pen that Maggie inherited for Oliver (but it was too small).

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