Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chickie Update!

Cuz you all care so much, lol :)

The chickies went outside for their first day this Friday - yay! I didn't want them outside while I wasn't home to keep an eye on them, and Allen was going to take them out and chickie-sit while I was at work, but kept getting waylaid by various projects.Tthis Friday was warm and sunny, so he pulled out the old doggie crate we keep around for such times as this, and the chickies got to spent their first day in the grass and sunshine (don't worry, they have water and shade at all times). In short, they loved it. I was nervous about Anna's cat prowling about, but luckily the cat slept most of the day, so we had no problems.

I cannot believe how big these little guys have gotten in one week. One week! Crazy how fast they grow. They're covered in pinfeathers now, and all but Unami have gone almost completely brown - even more so than in this picture, which was taken Friday morning. I'm not sure I can tell Isiri and Lystra apart anymore - it used to be that Lystra had a little brown "vee" down her back, while Isiri was more brown all over, but not that Lystra's brown has started to spread down her back, too, I'm gonna need a new way to tell them apart. It looks like Unami might stay a little paler than her sisters, at least for awhile.

I'm looking forward to them being able to move outside, at least during the day.

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