Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up

I want to be better about blogging, I really do! :) Unfortunately my life is not very glamorous or even interesting at the moment... perhaps some random bits of info I can string into a post? :)

I am currently in the process of packing up my room to move it into storage so we can finish/repaint/sort of remodel the upstairs. This seemed extremely overwhelming - I'd think about it for awhile but usually I ended up lying on my bed, despondent and overwhelmed by the sheer massiveness of the task. Except this weekend I got a random burst of inspiration/motivation which led to me getting my shelving unit all packed up (which was the biggest challenge in my opinion). Now most of my room is packed, but it's sitting in boxes in the middle of my room, and once again I am paralyzed by the idea of getting all these boxes down two flights of stairs into the basement. Anyone wanna come help? :) Maybe next weekend...

Maggie and I took a friend and went to see Hunger Games on its opening weekend. I was unaware that it was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread (and we ended up getting the very last three seats together in the theater - right up front, under the screen, where you have to sort of tilt your head back to see the whole picture). I was also unaware that there was going to be a tremendous uproar from the Christian community over whether or not anyone calling themselves a Christian should actually go see it. I'm probably gonna go a post on this topic on its own, but I just thought I would mention here in a nutshell that I'm smirking - a lot - at most of these reviews. People are so quick to judge what they apparently have not read (or even wikipedia'd) and would rather go straight to outrage about what they THINK a book is about rather than do the research. Of the whole first page of reviews I found on that google search, only one comes anywhere near close to doing any real literary examination (and I was an English major who LOVED doing literary criticism in college).

Just to make my "side" clear, I resisted the Hunger Games for a long time, more because they were popular than anything else, lol (I'm instantly wary of anything that sells well), and when I got multiple recommendations from people I trusted, I did my research and read them. The hype is deserved about the books. The movie, not so much (more from lack of artistic merit than content, though). I am a Christian, and I see the Hunger Games not only as valid reading for a Christian, but even as a redeeming and stimulating influence on the culture.

With that said...

My chickens are getting big. See?

They could, in fact, more legitimately be called "chickens" than "chickies". And the very legitimately belong OUTSIDE where they have room to run (and where they would undoubtedly stink less). I feel badly for keeping them cooped up, as they so obviously enjoy the room to run and the clover to eat, but it's COLD out, and they're just not feathered enough to weather the elements. :( I put them out for a few hours on Friday while I took Oliver to the vet, and it had begun raining when I got back. I raced to their pen and was met by three very damp, very unhappy chickens who uncomplainingly let me pick them up all at once and rush them inside. No running away or squawking, lol!

I did upgrade their digs a bit.

They were just too big for the round tub, so this will at least let them stretch their legs a bit until it warms up. Please, let it be soon!

A friend and I went to check out a just-opened salon nearby and I got an orange pedicure. Not an orangey pedicure, or a reddish-orange, but straight out makes-my-heart-happy orange. :) They did an amazing job - my feet are smooth and very, very happy - hopefully just in time for flip-flop season. :)

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