Sunday, April 22, 2012

Change Is Good

Okay, so I rarely feel this way. For instance, when Weight Watchers changed from their Points program to their PointsPlus program, I threw a hissy fit. I hate when people move away or when products I love get discontinued - or.even when they change the packaging, cuz it makes it that. much. harder. to find on the shelf! But... Blogger updated their blogging software/text editing program over the weekend, and though I went through an initial five minutes of anxiety and some moaning and groaning, I have to admit...

It's nice.

In fact, once I figured out how to change back to the old editor - because Blogger is cool like that, and leaves the old editor up so if you absolutely can't figure something out, you have a fallback - anyway, once I figured out how to change back to the old editor, I didn't.

This is pretty serious. Kudos, Blogger.

Anyway, I figured that new blogging software calls for a fresh look for my blog, so here it is! Do you like it? I see myself playing with different elements over the next couple of days (or even weeks) but for the most part I think this works better.

I'm not really looking forward to this week weather-wise. Rain. Rain. Rain. And if it's not raining, it's calling for partly sunny or partly cloudy conditions - what's the difference, anyway? I'm curious - with no warmth in sight til next weekend. *sigh* No fun! My poor chickens, who just got a brand new big chicken run, are gonna get cooped up inside - no pun intended - for awhile. Bleh.

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