Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angst, In General

There has been a lot of angst in my life over the last few weeks. I'm trying to keep a sense of humor, here, but mostly I wish it would just go away and let me celebrate my holidays in peace. :) Between family drama, holiday commitments, unexpected change, and the death of a family friend, I guess I can't really say I'm surprised to find myself feeling a bit "blue", but I sure wish I could go back to my pre-Thanksgiving holiday "high". Oh, well. I am choosing to have faith that if I do all my positive steps - good coping, etc - it will all start to pay off soon!

My Weight Watchers has suffered from angst, too, lol. Last week they changed over from their "Points" program to the new and oh-so-smugly-named "PointsPLUS" program (because who could resist a PLUS?!) and took away all the tools that have been helping me do so well. Not only did all the points values of my fav foods change - and not dependably or predictably, either, some went up, some went down, some didn't change at all - but they made all their online tools Flash based, which means that I can't track my food at work since the computer there doesn't have Flash. Very frustrating! I am trying to use a paper and pencil method at work, then put it all in the computer at night, but I sure miss my tools. :( And I sure miss knowing the plan inside and out and being able to look at a nutrition label and guesstimate points. I suppose that all this will come back eventually, but for now - I sure hate you, Weight Watchers!!!

However, despite my hatred of the new system, and despite a week of crazy eating - which included a few days of yoyoing between "This is too hard, I can't do this!" and "Yes, I can, by golly!" - I lost half a pound. Not what I wanted to lose, and I actually think this is a gain, since I'm pretty sure I was lower in the middle of the week - but I'll take it.

Sounds crazy, but I'm so glad this weekend is OVER and my brand new week is about to begin.

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Elizabeth said...

Aw, sorry! I'm having mild issues, both from not being able to fix things in my own life and from not being able to fix things for everyone else.