Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Danger of Comparing Yourself To Other People

So recently I stumbled across the blog I Saw Your Nanny. Initially I was a bit put off by it, as the first post that flashed up was a "tattletale sighting" and those kind of things I find really ridiculous, sort of like the idea of nanny-cams. I mean, seriously, you're leaving your beloved child in the company of a person for hours each day, but you apparently trust the person so little that you're spying on them? Riiight... Maybe it's just me, but this seems NUTS! And kind of unneccesary. I mean, especially with small children, it will be obvious really soon if your nanny is mistreating your child - the baby won't want to come to them, won't get excited about their presence, etc. Anyway. That's kind of a side-rant.

Well, once I surfed a little longer and realized that ISYN has tons more to it than nanny-tattling (lol), I got hooked and became a follower. It's neat to get to see stories of other gals who spend their days pretty much the same way I do, since I have no friends who are nannies and all my nanny friends are online.

Now, the bad thing about comparing yourself to other folks, obviously, is that there's a danger of becoming dissatisfied with your own position in life - but in this case, folks, it definitely worked in the opposite way!!! I was almost shocked as I read some of the stories on this blog. Parents who are AWOL without any contact... nannies who have to keep begging and pleading for their paycheck week after week... parents who trust their nannies so little they stalk them... I'm actually sort of amazed! I would have thought that the majority of "nanny horror stories" would be from parents who were displeased with the way their kids were being cared for - because, let's face it, parenting and childcare are sensitive issues and people are obviously and rightfully opinionated about how their kids are raised.

Anyway, it made me extremely thankful for the place I'm in. Not only do I have a beautiful, smart, funny, happy little "shadow" to spend my days with - and I can HONESTLY say that "spending time with Abigail" is at the top of my list of things that make me happy, I hate long weekends and love it on the rare occasions when mommy and daddy find themselves needing a sitter on the weekends - but I have a great relationship with her parents (i.e. my bosses). In fact, when I think back on this year, I actually am doubly-thankful because not only have Chris and Natalie been amazing, they've gone above and beyond and blessed me in ways I never expected. Natalie rearranged her work schedule so that I could continue to teach English at my church; Chris used to greet me at the door on Monday with a recitation of yummy foods they'd stocked the fridge with, always reminding me that anything I wanted, they'd be glad to get; I've never had to worry about getting my paycheck - in fact, a couple of times Natalie has paid me early because there was a CHANCE of snow, or because Abby MIGHT be getting sick, and she didn't want me to have to wait for it. One special thing that sticks out in my memory is that when I left to spend a week with my best friend this summer, Natalie presented me with a gorgeous necklace as a gift, and explained that she wanted me to have a special piece of jewelery to wear if Robin and I went out while we were together (we did, I did, and now whenever I see or wear that necklace I have doubly warm feelings about it - not only the happy memories I made while wearing it, but the warmth of their kindness to me!).

I should be used to it by now, as it's happened multiple times in my life, but it's always amazing to look around and see that God has arranged your life perfectly, down to the last detail. I can't think of a better way to spend my days!

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