Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow Day of the Year!

Today was the day - we got the first snow day of the season! Although we had TONS of snow last winter, I don't think Abby remembered any of it. It started snowing when we were driving home from gymnastics (which got cancelled due to the threat of snow, lol) and when we got home she went straight to the window.
"What?" she kept asking. "It's SNOW!" I kept telling her.
At one point she looked at me soberly.
"Scary?" she asked. I laughed. "No, it's FUN!" At this news, she brightened up considerably and told me, "OUT!"
I dressed her in all the winter-weather paraphernalia that I could find and we went outside. Abigail was pretty impressed with the snow. She got out all her beach toys and played for about forty minutes while I threw some firewood in the back of my truck to help keep me from getting stuck on the way home.

Finally she came over and looked up at me.
"I FWEEZING!" she told me emphatically. I cracked up, but I told her it was time to go inside.
"No!" she told me immediately, and tried to run back out into the snow. I caught her and told her that we were both cold and we needed to go back inside to warm up. She got a little teary, so I told her, "The snow will still be here when you come back!"
She brightened up visibly. "Hmm?"
"Yes, Abby, the snow isn't going away any time soon."
With this knowledge, she let me herd her back inside. :)

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