Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Day Is HERE!

In less than twelve hours, I will be leaving for the airport to pick up my BFF, her baby boy, and her sister/my friend! :) I'm super psyched!

It seemed to take FOREVER for today to get here, but of course when it finally did it now feels like it's too soon. I have a flury of stuff to get done in the next few hours - a quick shopping run, some presents to wrap, my room to finish getting shipshape - but I just wanted to do a quick post since I'm not sure how much posting will get done while she's here. I'll be having too much fun!

Here's a funny story before I go: We got more snow Saturday AND Sunday, so when I woke up to go to work on Monday I was a bit nervous about getting out and driving in the snow. I knew our road would be covered, but I figured the main roads would be mostly clear. No such luck! I was driving down the road with some soothing music on to calm me, clutching at the steering wheel nervously and praying frequently. I turned down the road to Chris's house and hit a particularly nasty stretch of ice-covered road. I said out loud, "Dear God, please don't let me die!!!"

Precisely after I uttered these words, the song "If I Die Young" came over the speakers.

All I can say is, it wasn't EXACTLY the sign from the universe that I was hoping for. :)

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