Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter was a kicked-back affair at our house this year... after spending a busy week getting Anna ready to go to Uganda for 10 weeks, she was finally ready to fly out last night. The van only has 7 seats, so I said my goodbyes at the house last night, then the family loaded into the van to take her to the airport (a 2+ hour drive). A minute later I heard a commotion, and went outside to investigate. Turns out the van started smoking as they tried to drive off, so they had to come back, unpile, and take Maggie's car, which only has six seats, so Allen volunteered to stay home so Maggie could go.

We had our own sister-brother celebration by going out to
Teariffic for some beef fried rice (hold the onion) and chow mein (hold the egg), scouring first Wal-Mart then Target for a copy of Pirates of the Carribean 2 (Allen is working his way through them and our copy was too scratched to play), and, once we found it on sale at Target for $7 (score!), coming home to crash on my bed and watch it.

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm not a fan, and promptly sneaked away to
blog, catch up on emails, and contemplate a peaceful, quiet house.

Right up until my family came home and the house instantly transformed back into loud again. :)

This last week was crazy but good. I got most of my stuff not only packed up but moved, due not only to my own lugging of bins down stairs, but some conniving bartering in which I let Allen use my DVD collection if he helped lug. :) I keep finding stuff... really, do I own this much stuff? I wouldn't have thought so... but eventually I assume I will get it all moved. Hopefully. I miss my books and can't wait til this whole process is done so I can have them back.

Speaking of books, I have discovered Dangerous! :) I definitely don't need any more books right now - where would I put them, lol? - and it started off as a way of getting rid of some books I had gotten but no longer wanted. I figured I could use the credits later when I had my room unpacked again.
Well, I'm impressed! So far I've shipped out four books, at $2 shipping a piece, and accumulated as many credits, plus 2 for listing six books when I joined. So far I've resisted spending these credits (worth one book per credit)... except... I ordered the third book in a series I'm reading. But just one book, I swear! :)

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