Sunday, April 15, 2012

Keeping On Keeping On...

I got my first paperbackswap book yesterday! Well of Lost Plots,the third book in the "Thursday Next" series and sequel to Lost In A Good Book which I greatly enjoyed a couple of months ago. I still haven't read the first book in the series - it's on hold for eons at PBS - and the fifth book isn't available at all except as audiobook, but I did snag a copy of the sixth book and got the notification today that it's on its way to me! Looks like I'll have to use Amazon to fill in the holes in my collection.
I also got notifications that everyone I mailed my books to last week marked them "received" - which means I have more credits just waiting for when my room gets put back together! :)
Which isn't gonna be any time soon, even though - drumroll, please! - I finally got everything that's going downstairs, downstairs, with the help of Allen. The only furniture in my room is all smushed to the center of the room so I can work on the trim and molding: my bed is in the middle, with a desk at one end and an entertainment center on the other, with a nightstand next to it. You'd think with so much less in it, my room would feel bigger, but instead it feels much smaller.
I'm trying to think of this as an opportunity to pare down, sort out, organize, etc... but I miss my books. :(
One of my chickies died this week! :( Looks like she died in her sleep so I am glad - I hate having to make decisions about sick animals. I have learned my lesson about raising poultry in pairs, so we went up to the farmer's market to get another one. All they had were New Hampshire Reds, and little ones to boot, so now I have two fluffy, fully feathered, red hens, and one scrawny fluffy yellow/brown chicklet.
And it HATES me. The hens wait nicely to be picked up (cuz they know they're going outside/inside) and let me handle them without any squawking, and the little one runs from me in mortal terror squawking like the devil's after him. I'm sure once she gets used to me it will be different, but... I miss Lystra. :(
I'm loving the warm weather that's come to stay for at least the rest of the week! Abby and I enjoyed getting out on the playground today with her cousin Lilly and her Grandma and enjoying some sun! I'm ready to pack away the cold weather clothes and bring on the permanent good weather!

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