Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Listing

I love words that have a double meaning... like "list." It can mean "the act of making or including something in a list" or (as a nautical term) it can mean to lean or tend towards. I'm doing both - everything in me is being drawn lately to spring things, and since the weather forecast reads cold and rainy all week, what better way to stay out of a funk than by making a list of all the things I'm listing towards? :)

  •  Spring planting - I have my little 4X4 raised bed tilled; now all it needs it a little fertilizer and some plants! And since the conventional wisdom from the Amish in this part of the woods says that planting after May 5th is safe, hopefully next weekend will be the big day! I'm looking forward to planting tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, squash, and spinach. (Can you grow chickpeas? I would love to grow chickpeas...)
  • Building a chicken coop - I brought the dog kennel-turned-chicken-run over with the help of my brother over the weekend, and my chickens got one glorious day of running around in their spacious new digs before the weather turned freezing and I had to bring them back inside. :( As soon as it gets warmer, I'm looking foward to getting their little coop build and attached to the run so that they can stay outside permanently! (cuz as much as I love them, chickens belong outside.)  
  • Cleaning out my closet - I was hoping to do that this week, but since it's turned cold again and I've already raided my closet twice for warm clothes that I'd shoved to the back, it seems like a wiser idea to just let it rest for now and wait for warm weather to return.  
  • New sheets! - and maybe new curtains... I found some curtains at JC Penneys this weekend that I loved. On the other hand, I'm also considering some blackout curtains, since I love to crawl into bed early, and in the summer months it's hard to fall asleep until it's dark out. But I also dearly love waking up to the morning sun, so it's kind of an impossible situation. :) Either way, new textiles are so called for - I need new non-polyester sheets, and a lightweight nonwoven blanket - I've been eyeing this one for months, but I can't bring myself to pay that much for it when I know I could probably make it myself for cheaper (but don't want to lol).  
  • Some upcycling/crafty projects - nothing in the works right now, but I'm dearly missing a creative outlet.

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