Thursday, April 26, 2012

If Only...

Me, texting BFF: I wish you were here. I miss you.

BFF: I miss you too :(

Me: If u wer here, id steal you and wed drive around to every makeup counter in town until we found the perfect shade of red lipstick. That would be our mission for the day

BFF: That would be fun!

Me: No, strike that, id call you to meet me after work and wed pile into your car (cuz it has a sunroof) and wed drive to the ocean even if it IS 3 hours away and we'd walk in the sand barefoot with hoodies on (cuz its not THAT warm lol) and wed drive back really really really late at night giggling hysterically cuz wer so exhausted, and wed go to work the next day fried, but it would be so worth it

Me: Cuz wed remember it forever... :)

BFF: I so wanna do that now!!!
(Yes, I do text that way, even if I am an English major. :)).

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