Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six "Quick Takes"

1. Have I mentioned how much I love paperbackswap.com? I do. I got another request today for a book I'd listed - four down, six to go! And, again, I'm so amazed at how easy it is - you print the shipping label right from the website (you can prepay shipping on it, too, but I haven't tried it yet, just cuz my purse and I are always on opposite ends of the house... but I want to soon!). I totally don't mind paying the $2 it takes to mail out a book, knowing that I can cash the credits in later for books I'll want. It's like a book savings account. :)

2. Speaking of books... I found a book that I was really interested in, that looked great, that I finally gave up on because I could not get into it. It was James Daschner's The Maze Runner, and I picked it up a thousand times at BJ's, thought it sounded amazing, finally bought it, tried to read it... I just don't like it. And I feel bad for not liking it, because I'm admittedly not giving it much of a chance (I only made it about four chapters in). But it was so. boring. And it felt forced and uninspired - like it was trying to be the next A Clockwork Orange with its own edgy fancy vocab... but I never did like A Clockwork Orange, so that wasn't really a point in its favor. I feel bad, but I finally decided to list it up on PBS and get the credit. And James Daschner, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. Maybe this will be one of those migratory books which comes back in my life at a later date suddenly feeling relevant and exciting.

3. Last year my friend Tracey and I sent in a piece of clothing to Marisa over at New Dress A Day. For those of you who aren't aware of Marisa's project, she takes one piece of outrageously style-less clothing each day and transforms it into something amazing for less than $1 a day. Last year and this year the theme was "reader submissions," so my friend Tracey and I just had to get in on the act. You can see our submission here.

4. My chicken hates me. The new one, Adonis? HATES me. With a passion. She's bonded well with Isiri and Unami, who cuddle her under their wing and share their food and show all signs of being a happy chicken family, but while Unami and Isiri come to me happily and cluck about my feet and seem to enjoy being held and cuddled, Adonis still hates me. I'm contemplating how mean it would be to hand-raise another Golden Comet, wait for it to reach maturity, and then rehome Adonis to a place where there were other chickens, but no humans who wish to be friends. I don't know if I just got her when she was too old (although she's not that much older than the others when I got them) or if it has to do with the breed (Golden Comets are apparently known for being friendly and personable), but I'm not so thrilled with my newcomer.

Just on a lark, in case you're curious, this is what my chickens look like now, sans the mature comb:

So cute!

5. I just got Tony Bennet's Duets album on a lark. It's amazing. The first track is with the Dixie Chicks, and it's amazing. I played it about four times in a row yesterday while driving home from work, and each time the volume got a little louder and the windows got rolled a little lower. It's an amazing compilation. I just found out there's a second album, and you can guess what I'll be hunting down over the weekend.

6. We're practically done with school for the semester - the twins have really powered through this year and been extremely dilligent, and homeschooling being what it is, they just got through a lot more material faster than a classroom would. While I feel irrationally guilty for letting them out this early (even though they're not really out all the way - they'll both be working math till late May, early June), I suppose it's for the best as they'll both be starting college in the fall, doing their last two years of high school as dual-enrollment students. Allen especially wants to knock out at least his Freshman year, and Liz has found a 2 year massage therapy degree she's excited about pursuing, and I'm thrilled. :)
One thing I did insist on for the summer, however, is that they both start a blog to keep their writing skills intact. Allen already has his launched, settling on The Hobby Master as his name (he already has one post up and several more in rough drafts). Liz is still trying to decide on a name. :)

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