Monday, June 11, 2012

Into The Woods!

Yesterday after church, Maggie, a friend, and I all drove over to La Plata, to the Port Tobacco Players theater, to see their production of Into The Woods.

I love live music and live drama, and Into The Woods might be my favorite musical ever - it's tied very, very closely with Phantom of the Opera, and which I claim as my favorite just happens to depend on which one I've seen most recently - plus, I actually auditioned for this musical and got a callback, and everyone in that theater could sing better than I. Which made me want to see it even more - I knew it was gonna be amazing!

The venue is half the fun - how adorable is this theater?!

We got there super early because what you see in front of the theater is the extent of their onsite parking. Once it fills up, you have to park off-site and walk.

I don't know why, but I have a thing for vintage marquees. So cute!

My sister Maggie and friend Becka waiting for the show to start! (We walked across the street and got some iced coffee while we waited).

Me! :)

The production was amazing. Several of the people who I was so impressed with at my callback got major leads (and completely deserved them!) and everything - the staging, the costumes, the makeup, the effects - everything was just spot on.

Except the witch. Which is important and was disappointing to me because I know there were at least four or five voices in auditions that didn't end up on stage, but could have outsung the girl that got the part of the witch. Oh, well. It was still an amazing time and I would have gone back to see it again if we hadn't already been at the last showing! :)

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