Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To Do

I have so much to get done... Grr! Little things are just piling up all around me. I hate that. Luckily, this weekend looks like it's free of any major commitments (except the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises - woohoo! - with Mags and a friend), so hopefully I can get a lot done. Including rest. I've been feeling kind of "off" all week and I'm hoping I don't come down with anything. :(

Things to do this weekend:
  • Install shelving in my new room. Cuz I really can't unpack any books without shelves to put them on, and apparently books make up about 2/3 of the boxes I have yet to unpack.
  • Do a load of hand-washables/delicates. I hate hand-washing. I wishwishwish we had a front-load washer so I could throw them in there! But it has to get done, so I figure I'll knock off #47 on my summer bucket list and try to make it fun.
  • Clean out my truck, and take it to the car wash place to vaccuum it out and wash it.
  • Take things to the tailor/cobbler - my gladiator sandals (need reheeling), and my denim dress (sleeves need shortening).
  • Also - fix the straps on my new black dress. Not worth taking it to the tailor for, but annoying because "my" sewing machine is broken, so I have to figure out how to use someone else's.
  • Figure out what I'm going to get to replace my old boring magnetic bulletic board. I'm thinking something with some dry-erase space and either a magnetic or ribboned section for tucking scraps of paper, photos, etc. Probably going to end up making my own, but I should at least sketch out what I want.
  • Buy hangers and bins for my closet from Ross.
  • Download Matched on my tablet - I picked this up at Kmart this weekend and read a few pages, and I was hooked.
So... that's my weekend. :)

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