Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I feel like I could use another lol cuz I didn't get half as much accomplished as I wanted to, but oh, well. Here's what I did get done off of my list:
  • Shelving - got one set of shelves hung. I even cut them with a saw myself and didn't have to recut any of them! Yay me - it's like I'm becoming accomplished with power tools, or something. :) Unfortunately, it looks like the other set of shelves will be harder to hang - my dad and I spent forever hunting for the studs, only to drill a hole and discover that the stud wasn't there. Something about the insulation inside making it hard to find the actual stud? Gr. And until these shelves are hung, no books can come out of storage, which makes me sad (the other shelves were for office supplies and storage). Maybe next weekend!
  • Hand washing - sort of. I ended up running a lot through the washing machine on a delicate cycle, with a wing and a prayer.
  • Clean out my truck - um, yeah. I think it's dirtier now than it was on Friday...
  • Cobbler/tailor run - didn't happen. Maybe this week.
  • Altering my dress - flunk.
  • Bulletin board - I scored an old frame for it! Now I just have to paint it, replace one panel, and attach clips.
  • Shopping trip - well, I did go shopping, I didn't get hangers and bins, though - I got curtains! Yay me! :) Have to say, they make way more impact.
I did go to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, which was amazing! I've been pleasantly shocked and surprised at all the Batman movies - such a great worldview, many fascinating philosophical discussions, and a really relentlessly conservative view of the world, which I appreciate - and if Rises really does end up being the last one (although I'd so love at least one more!!!), it was a good ending.

I also learned how to do a DIY french manicure sort of by accident! I'll post picts later this week.

Here's to a more productive week... :)

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