Friday, August 30, 2013

The First Of The "Underemployment Projects"

So I had a big to-do list this week. One that included cleaning and laundry, finishing a bunch of projects, and doing a lot of remodeling stuff that I didn't get to before I moved in (and then promptly forgot about). Except... I didn't do any of it (except some of the cleaning that absolutely, positively had to get done, or else I wouldn't be able to come home anymore :))

It's Friday though, and I thought I should get something done to show for this week of mostly spare time. Something that required no prep, could be finished quickly, and didn't make a mess. Something like finally painting my "front porch."

Disclaimer: It's not really a porch. It's really just a dozen cement pavers from Lowes. But it provides a nice little spot in front of my trailer to decorate. :) I dream of having a big wooden porch big enough for a container garden and a cozy chair where I can drink coffee on crisp Fall mornings. Maybe someday.

In the meantime...

I started off with my 12" pavers; I hosed them off well, then let them dry thoroughly in the sun. Using a tape measure, I marked the center of each block on three sides. Then, using painter's tape, I made an "arrow" on each block.

I liked the idea of having a stripe where the unpainted cement showed through, but if you want just two colors, you'll have to paint with only one color, let it dry, pull up the painters tape, and reposition it before painting with your second color.

I used paint leftover from my remodel -  - and gave it a few minutes to dry before pulling up the tape.

So glad I decided to keep the unpainted stripe - I lovelovelove having three colors!

Right now my "front porch" is pretty bare (although prettier now! lol) but stay tuned - I'm having a "Autumn Celebration" party for our "dinner and games" gang on Thursday, and I'm looking forward to getting everything all decorated before then. :)

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