Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

... not to be all "Where did the time go?!" again, but, really - it's July already? It feels like summer just started and now it's almost halfway done. 8(

The summer has already been pretty full though; here's a little mid-season recap:

Maggie and I had an awesome time with Abigail and her parents at the beach. I have seriously never been so pampered in my life, and I just can't thank them enough. :)

Every morning I would sleep in, then wander out to our balcony to eat my breakfast of muffin and orange juice (in a goblet - because I could) while listening to the ocean waves crash.

Our hotel had a Starbucks in the lobby - hallelujah!

I'm not normally much of a sun worshipper, but the temperature was just perfect all week, so one day I chilled out under the umbrella and worked on finishing a book I'd been working on all spring, while Abby played in the sand a few feet away.

Abby loved the water. :)

One night we went to the boardwalk and let Abby do rides, then ate dinner there before playing miniature golf (Maggie beat me, but only by one point!).

The swim-up bar at the hotel made the most amazing virgin mojitos. I got one at lunch one day and Maggie and I snuck in one last one before we had to check out.

I turned twenty-seven and had a little bit of an identity crisis which was, thankfully, short lived. My mentor Susan gave me the most wonderful birthday card that really spoke to my heart just when I needed it.

Abigail started piano lessons!

She's doing so well and practices so nicely. :)

Summer means random "Where are you? Wanna meet up for Sweet Frog?" calls to cousins. ;)

We do lots of arts and crafts together.

She's also taking swim lessons.

She really enjoyed our VBS this year.

The drama program was easily the most challenging one we've pulled off, but we pushed through and the cast did great! I'm looking forward to putting in on for the church in a couple of weeks.

Inspector Noclue and Flo

Inspector Noclue

The Chancellor and Hans

Our three secret agents, Casey, Jess, and Dresden. Ignore Jess's stocking feet; her boots hurt and we were just rehearsing ;)
 My poor damaged, dry hair was driving me nuts...

... so I cut it off! Love, love, love. So much easier to care for, so much cooler, aaand...

... I can wear it curly now. How awesome it that?!

The triplets have grown. (Solution: rolled up paper towels placed just above the doorhandle. They stiffen it just enough that little hands can't open the door.)

We spend lots of time outdoors, which I love!

Finally managed to get a picture of all four of us together...

... after multiple tries.

I had a really bad day, and one of my cast members made it better by showing me this:

A Sonic opened by our house and I am over-the-moon happy! I also discovered how to ask for a "mojito" slushie! Amen!

First pedicure in over a year. My feet thanked me! (This color is called "Eternal Optimist" and makes my heart happy. :) )

The green bean plant I started for the triplets has little tiny green beans growing! So cute! Can't wait to harvest them and feed them to my babies!

So, that's been my summer so far. I hope yours is going great too! :) I'll have dinner with my family, including shrimp and the pound of Conecuh sausage I brought back from Alabama. Then we're planning on watching the fireworks tonight from my uncle's boat (wish we could take ours, but we're not quite there yet) with some friends, so I chocolate-dipped some strawberries for the occasion. :) Looking forward to spending some time with friends and family!

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