Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Midweek!

People. Y'alls. It's Wednesday. Normally I'm not too terribly excited about Wednesday - it's too early to celebrate the weekend, and usually busy, and yeah. Especially when I have to work all weekend, as I've been doing as of late, Wednesdays are just another day to plow through.

But this week I have off the entire weekend and I have next week off from swim, which means I'll be home every evening at a decent hour, and I only work one day for job #3, so yes! I will have some downtime!

I'm choosing to look at the bright side, here, and tell you about all the lovely things I plan to do with my downtime, because let me just say, I could be telling you instead about how crazy busy this week has been, with the last classes of this session wrapping up at swim, and this being crunch week for the church drama program (and the crazy amount of "drama" that's going on with my drama this year - good Lord!), and how truly tired I am. Like, all the time. Life has been go-go-go for a long time and I need a break.

But instead, here's what I'm looking forward to:
  • Cooking and baking. Super excited about being home in time to actually cook dinner, and maybe bake something sweet.
  • Swimming. Not teaching swimming, mind, but just being able to relax in the water and maybe practice my strokes and not worry about anyone drowning or kicking properly or whatnot.
  • Sleeping in this weekend, and going to bed early next week. Yeah. Enough said.
  • Spending some time with my brother. He's officially unemployed right now, and happy to be so (lol) so we're planning on taking a trip to the marina to look at boats, going to see a movie or two, and taking a ride in his Jeep with the top down. :)
  • Doing some things from my bucket list. Specifically, I have an idea for #6 that I can't WAIT to send to my BFF. ;)
I hope your summer is moving at a much slower pace than mine is! :)

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