Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

This list officially marks two years of bucket lists. (You can read the story of how I started here.)

1. Buy new sunglasses
2. Eat ice cream
3. Get a new haircut (I'm pretty sure this is the year I'm going short!)
4. Buy a new CD
5. Take a great picture
6. Send unusual mail
7. Go to the movies (preferably for a midnight premier, but I'm not picky!)
8. Read a new book
9. Write something
10. Perform a random act of kindness
11. Get a henna or sun tattoo
12. Take a nap outdoors
13. Write a thank-you note
14. Blow bubbles
15. Take a road trip
16. Put my toes in the sand
17. Spend the day in D.C.
18. Explore someplace new
19. Throw a party
20. Drive with the windows down
21. Try a new drink
22. Save money
23. Start a thankfulness journal
24. Go to Shore Leave
25. Stargaze


Stasia said...

What a fun list! :)

Leslie said...

Lists are so good to have!!! I need to do this, too. Thanks for sharing on What You Wish WEdnesday. Please come back tomorrow!