Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I am... completely amazed at how much Abigail has changed since last summer. Last year was all about moonsand and sprinklers and curling up on the couch reading together, and this year it's all summer schoolwork ("I have to keep my mind sharp," she tells me) and reading by herself and going to the pool to practice her freestyle. Again, by herself. I am both excited about this new stage, and profoundly sad.

I am... missing my triplets. I'm so glad I get to see them tomorrow! :) I bought the girls bunny rabbit rompers while I was in Alabama, and I just can't wait to see them in them - they're gonna be so cute!

I am... eating better food. And by better, I mean, not half as great-tasting as I've been eating, but tons better for me. ;) Between my trip to Alabama, my beach vacation, and my birthday, I've been eating like a king, but now I'm craving a detox. On today's menu: yogurt, fruit, veggies, hummus, homemade fish tacos for lunch, and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner.

I am... still thinking about Matt Smith's last lines as The Doctor. We watched "Time Of The Doctor" the night before my birthday and I just thought his final scene was so exuberant, I was laughing for joy. Maggie and I have both admitted to wanting these words on a sign.

I am... wearing a white skirt and a chambray shirt. I'm rocking the light colors because, people, I am tanned. Maybe not by normal human standards, but on my near-vampire scale I'm solidly in "bronze goddess."

I am... obsessed with these French tips. Best things ever. I started wearing acrylics a few months ago when I, stressed after a long day with the triplets that was one in a string of long days with the triplets, absentmindedly chewed all my nails down to the quick. :( These are the most natural I've used, easiest to apply, last forever, and don't leave my natural nails looking sad.

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